“That guy could use a baby bjorn.” – Jim Gaffigan about Tyreese and Judith during their trek through the forest.

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Who doesn’t kind of home for a romance here?

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap “Inmates”

Beth and Daryl

Considering how much so many of us fans have been secretly (or not so secretly) shipping this pair, you’d think this part of the episode would have felt more satisfying.

Daryl was kind of broken-down and silent, unwilling to stand up and believe in hope.

Beth tried in vain to be resilient, but seemed oddly unphased by the death of her Father. (Of course, she’s managing to survive, which is a bonus.)

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There’s a lot of good pictures of Beth and Daryl from this episode. So, I’m going to use them all.

Glenn and Tara

Moving on from the least compelling storyline of ‘Inmates,’ to the one that was the coolest…. we have Glenn and Tara. This was an action-packed, emotionally fulfilling bit of episode. Who would have thought Tara could be redeemed as a pretty cool character? (The actress, Alanna Masterson, is really damn cool – which you already know if you caught her on ‘The Talking Dead.’)

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Maggie, Sasha, and that new guy who likes whiskey

First off, the new guy (I don’t even care about his name, okay?) is SMILING and happy? Sasha may be okay with it, but I’M NOT. You’re being an a@$*ole! Hershel was decapitated. Stop smiling.

Maggie is devastated. Maggie and Glenn are our big love story. My theory is that people resigned to what happened to their loved one’s dying in the first wave of deaths…but to find new hope in this world of zombies and then loose THAT? Somehow even worse.


Lizzie, Mika, Tyreese and Judith

Everyone in this group is coping in different ways. First off: Judith! Yay for not being dead. Of course, her method of coping is to cry a lot. But, she’s a baby. That’s kinda just what they do.

Tyreese is doing his best, but it’s not easy being saddled with a baby and two young girls. The first young girl is acting hardcore, and scary. Meanwhile, Mika is incredibly scared (as most kids would be.) But instead of it being normal, her sister, Lizzie, is really giving her a complex about not being strong enough for this world. (I get the idea that Lizzie would kill her sister just for annoying her, almost. Lizzie is ready to cut anyone whose getting in the way of her survival.)

(I can’t believe Lizzie hurt those bunnies. Not even for eating. Just to be a jerky sociopath.)

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It’s kind of what hipsters wear now.


Most of us were positive we’d see Carol again, so that wouldn’t be shocking. But, what was shocking ended up being the moment we saw the reveal that she was back. As Lizzie was smothering baby Judith with her hand (zoned out and murderous – scary!) and Mika was literally shaking in her booties, viewers thought that they were going to be eaten by the walkers approaching them. But, as we saw them emerge from the woods, it was them being shepherded by Carol. SOMEHOW, she managed to find the exact perfect moment to catch up to the girls and save their butts. Huzzah for Carol!

Tyreese doesn’t know that Carol is the person he hates from the whole murdery thing of Karen before. But …at some point he will learn this. And it won’t be pretty.

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Lauren Cohan might look messy and dirty, but she’s also never been a finer actress than in this episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’


It’s the possible sanctuary at the end of the railroad. Would you trust the sign? I’d be desperate enough to try and check it out.. (cautiously.)

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