Here’s a recap of the top OMG moments from ‘The Walking Dead’ episode titled “The Grove,” which aired last night on AMC.

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Lizzie looks much more innocent here than…later. Photo: AMC

The Walking Dead Recap, Season 4 Episode 14, “The Grove”

The Walking Dead OMG Moment #1

As the episode opened, we heard old timey music, saw a tea kettle on the stove, and then saw a little girl running around in the backyard. An odd scene, already. But then we noticed that the little girl was being chased by a walker. And THEN we saw that she was actually trying to play tag with the walker, not trying to really get away.

Later, we see that this was not just a random girl, but Lizzie.

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Attached to this moment is how we first saw Lizzie insisting that Tyreese not kill a walker who’d fallen on the train tracks – and then we saw Lizzie playing with this walker and wanting Carol not to hurt it. When Carol inevitably kills Griselda the walker, Lizzie has a hissy fit. “She was my friend and you killed her.” Y’know. That’s just so WEIRD.

The Walking Dead OMG Moment #2

As soon as we saw Lizzie feeding a mouse to the traintrack walker (taunting it first, like you would play with a cat) we all realized that Lizzie must have been the mystery person feeding rats to walkers at the gate. (Dangerous.) This is also when Lizzie gave us the creepy quote of, “They don’t want to kill me, they just want me to change. Maybe I should change.”  And right there on the tracks, with her sister, Lizzie starts putting her hand towards the Walker’s mouth. A willing “victim.”

The Walking Dead OMG Moment #3

This moment is reserved for seeing all of those crispy, burned walkers emerge from the woods. They were burnt and ANGRY. As Lizzie and Mika ran from them, little Mika’s foot got caught in barbed wire and it looked like her leg was about to be chomped. OMG. But she was saved. And then we saw that both Lizzie and Mika were able to shoot at the walkers. And everything felt…good. They were all stepping up to the plate.

The Walking Dead OMG Moment #4

We had two false starts, where Tyreese was opening up about trust, or Karen, and it seemed like Carol was about to confess that she was the murderer of both Karen and David. And it always seemed like such a dumb move – this confession. It would not have ended well. But, when Carol was pushed to finally confess, it was also in the one moment that Tyreese was primed to understand. He’d just seen Carol crazy upset over having to kill Lizzie – because that’s what had to be done. So he understood that Carol was the one who did tough things when they needed to be done. And this is why (I think) he didn’t pick up that gun and shoot Carol. (Plus, as Carol had already said…Tyreese and Judith wouldn’t make it on their own. So he really couldn’t afford to kill Carol.)

In the moments between Carol saying, You do what you have to do” and before Tyreese says he forgives her…it was pretty tense up in huuurr.

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The Walking Dead OMG Moment #5

“Don’t’ worry, she’ll come back. I didn’t hurt her brain.” Lizzie killed her sister. I MEAN. Wow. Carol and Tyreese were speechless.And you think that’s the worst part? Not at all. Lizzie also said,  “Judith can change, too. I was just about to…” And in that moment, everyone realized that Lizzie was going to become a righteous serial killer and they couldn’t roll with her anymore without being in fear she was about to convert them to zombiehood. And this was the first moment that we realized that Lizzie was going to be killed. Not by a walker, but by either Carol or Tyreese. (Unless you’re one of the people who thought they were just going to leave Lizzie.)

“She can’t be around other people.”


The Walking Dead OMG Moment #6

We’re talking about having ALL THE REVELATIONS.  We got more traction on this idea that Lizzie had always been a bit…off. We heard Mika talk about how her sister was wrong in the head, and that when she got upset they ALWAYS knew to have Lizzie look at the flowers and count to three… It sounded like Mika’s parents had been trying to get Lizzie help. Even Mika had been part of helping Lizzie with her treatment.


Anyone else have fun imagining Mika as the benevolent ruler of the new world.?”We have peaches.” Such optimism!

If Judith could see these home videos she’d be like: WHO WAS WATCHING ME? (Like, when Lizzie was gone, and Mika ran off.)

“Just look at the flowers.” The callback. The crying. THE DEER AS A SYMBOL. Mika and Lizzie were such extremes.