Before we find out what the deal with Terminus is, pick a side now.

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The Walking Dead
Season 4, Episode 16 – march 30, 2014. Photo: Gene Page/AMC
Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)

The Walking Dead Poll

If you were one of our characters on The Walking Dead, what would you have done when you saw the signs for “Terminus” on the railroad?

If you go, it may end up being a haven. After all, “Those who arrive, survive.” In the previous episode, Terminus looked like a pretty great place to be. They even had a personal chef station. Carve me up some rabbit.

However. If the place ends up being a cult of cannibals, I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, it is The Walking Dead that we’re talking about.

Before we know how this will play out, place your bets.

(Poll below.)

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Thanks for answering the poll. Share it around and let’s see what everyone would have picked. Then we can make fun of anyone who picked wrongly. Fun times, my dudes.