Yes, there are already spoilers for season 3 of The Walking Dead! This is partly because this show was also a comic, so people have a lot of theories on what will happen. And I’m sure you do, too. Here’s what’s being suggested by fans and by Robert Kirkman.

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Spoilers for The Walking Dead season 3 under the jump!

Who was that hooded figure? Her name is Michonne.

“You can definitely see, just in that one scene, pretty much everything that makes her cool is intact. She is definitely on her own. She is definitely a capable fighter. We will be dealing with her personality and her back story and all that kind of stuff in Season 3.” – Kirkman

Where those walkers she had on leashes behind her?


Who will play Michonne?

Danai Gurira from Treme.

What was that building we saw surrounded by water?

It was a prison and it factored into the comics heavily.

What new characters are coming to The Walking Dead season 3?

The Governor played by David Morrissey. “While I think that people are going to like the character, I don’t think it will be because he is doing likable things. I don’t think it will be because he appears heroic. I think that he’s definitely going to be a character that people love to hate and are absolutely entertained by, but also somewhat terrified of. He’s definitely going to be a very important character and a very nuanced character. We are not going to be watering him down.” –  Kirkman”

Is Michael Rooker back? That’s Merle to you!

He’s not the Governor, but he stated at WonderCon 2012 that he is back for season 3, and he had to lose 20 lbs for his role.

What does it mean that everyone is infected?

“…it’s going to put everybody in somewhat of a dark place and that is definitely something that we will be exploring in the third season.” – Kirkman

What else will happen in The Walking Dead season 3? Andrea and Michonne is going to be a big part of season 3.

“Having her and Michonne together is going to be a really cool thing, and we’re going to be exploring that quite a bit in Season 3.” – Robert Kirkman

Two Michonne images from Tumblr which compare the comic to the show.

Stay tuned for more of The Walking Dead spoilers as we get closer to the actual premiere date. But we hope this whet your whistle.

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