Wouldn’t it be better for Hershel to die? (Even though it makes me sound cruel, it’s a valid question! But now I’m going to go hug a puppy.) The Walking Dead season 3 episode 2 review of “Sick” is below!

Melissa Suzanne McBride as Carol, being strong and resilient in the face of a lot of truly, truly gross stuff.


Yes, yes, Hershel lives for now. It would have been too easy to kill him off. Lauren Cohen delivered amazingly in the scene where Maggie is giving her father permission to die. She’s damn near said it herself – it’d be better for Hershel to die. Sure, I’ve thought about him as kind of a Dale replacement (sidenote: I really miss Dale) but with a significant chunk of his leg gone, this poses a huge problem. Yes, he has plenty of medical knowledge stored in his brain but his odds for further survival in this world, rather than being a burden, are slim. Maybe he helps with the mood of the survivors… but for how long?

When Rick went down to hold non-zombie Hershel’s hand I was wondering if the old man was going to have enough energy to be mad and curse Rick for putting him through that terrible pain, especially without warning him or letting him make the choice to simply die.

I’m sure you guys would like for him to survive just long enough to impart some old timey wisdom and tell Carol what to do re: Lori’s baby. But that would be the ideal situation. And when did we ever get the ideal situation on this show?

Zombie Apocalypse is Going On

Those jail guys have been waiting in there… with no clue what was going on? I’d go mad. I can’t believe they weren’t even more psychologically disabled… were there windows in there? I mean, they seemed pretty calm and more or else together, aside from their prison mob mentality.

Zombie C-Section

Who was watching Carol when she was giving that procedure on a zombie corpse… which… that’s a double corpse, but do we call it Corpse de corpse  (a trendy new Halloween perfume for zombie enthusiasts)? Eh. It’s pretty gross, and I’m curious about why Carol paused before lifting up that dress. First off, a world where people used to wear dresses – aw. Because that certainly doesn’t happen anymore. At first I’d honestly thought Carol wanted to raid the Zombie girls for their less battered clothing, which I guess means I will always be the ultimate shopper in any situation… Anyway! I’m curious about whether Carol was afraid to lift up the dress because the zombie would come back to life, was paying respect, or was fearful of what she would see. It’s likely one of the latter two, but which? Part of me was so, so relieved to see underpants were worn (sorry uninformed males, we do not call them “panties” no matter how much  your fantasy life imagines that we do). It’s hard for me to imagine Carol being able to humanize a zombie. Even with what happened to Sophia. Or maybe because of that. Hm. So, I don’t think it was out of respect, but rather a morbid curiosity for what she’d discover up the dress.

Lori, Rick, Carl

Carl’s been all disrespectful for the point where Beth has to reprimand him, but I still don’t think he got the message. He went off on his own to get medicine and bandages. Lori never brought this up to Rick. Did it slip her mind? Does she think being a good parent means not tattling on her son? We need to check that boy’s attitude! He’s becoming cold, hard, and dumb. Maybe schools of this future world (though I doubt there will be one) will need a different kind of education for kids… a re-civilization of having/discussing feelings and not having survival instincts that will screw over other people just in case they might screw you over first. (You know, since a machete to the head is intense.)

Will Hershel die? Was it maybe Merle watching Carol? Will the two prisoners eventually join our band of survivors?

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The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC.
This episode was written by Nichole Beattie. Also credit: Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard.