Who doesn’t love soybeans? The Walking Dead season 3 episode 1 review – “Seed” is below!

First Impressions

Some time has passed. And what did I notice first? The young boy is more competent and more trusted. He’s also more skilled. He’s grown up. Lori is much more pregnant than the last time we’ve seen her. The entire group seems to have a system about breaking down a house to source it for food and then hopefully stay there the night. But they also have a quick process of leaving when there’s  company.

Carl likes being helpful, especially since his Mom can’t do too much in her state. (Although in a zombie apocalypse you might have to do mroe than you’d like, even while pregnant. I’d love to see Rosie Pope do a segment on Pregnant in Heels about THAT.)

But in trying to be helpful and bringing out dog food… it appears it only angered his Dad. I quickly got the idea that there was a shortage of food, and that anything would be better than nothing. It also looked like Daryl was going to cook an owl. (And I was sad when he killed the owl. That owl had survived zombies!)

New Opening Title Sequence for The Walking Dead Season 3

The opening title sequence is new. It’s just as good and just as creepy as the previous one.


Her way of moving is so graceful that you hardly notice it. I bet ballerina’s would do okay in this world. I love her … katana? But I don’t understand why she has two walkers as pets. Or are they to help her look like she’s moving in a pack with other zombies?

Why do you think Michonne is helping Andrea? She surely can’t be the only other person she’s ever found. So is there something specific about Andrea?


Who would guess that such a depressing place would be such a win for some? That prison was a good place. At least the cell block they secured was. But in pressing their luck they were in a terrifying maze, and Herschel got attacked. In fact, he was attacked twice because Rick gave no warning about how he took an axe right to his leg. For a minute I thought someone was going to scream that he’d taken off the wrong one. God, can you even imagine the pain? Impromptu amputation is never, never the way to go! Rick was taking out all his anger out on that leg! (I mean, I’m sure he wanted to get it done fast, but damn.) I don’t want to trust Rick alone with certain weapons anymore.


  • How precious is it that Beth wears her hair in bun pigtails? And does Carl have a crush on her?
  • Seeing a pregnant Lori running through the zombies in the yard made me feel so bad for her.
  • Killing zombies makes everyone pretty happy.
  • Carol’s got a great personality now.
  • The singing was so nice. It’s like the Victorian Era, you need entertainment so you’ve got to make it yourself. Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney both have good voices.
  • Sappy musical interlude, what? Not the campfire singing. The song in the episode. Someone explain why that was in there.
  • You know, Dexter would love living in this world.
  • They just randomly had spray paint?
  • Glenn and Maggie keep the romance alive. But you can imagine kissing and how you’d …almost always taste blood? And it would be infected, zombie blood! This entire episode had lots of lovey dovey stuff for plenty of people, though. It’s kinda funny. The only people not in love? Aside from T-Dog and Hershel? The married couple! Lori and Rick went all Winter without things getting better.
  • Hey, how DID they make it through the Winter?
  • Is Laurie afraid the baby is going to be a walker as it comes out of her, and be eating her during labor? Cause…ew.

The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC.
This episode was written by Frank Darabont, Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard and Glen Mazzara.