With only a few episodes under our belt, we already have tons of questions for The Walking Dead’s latest season. The good news is that the showrunner, Scott M. Gimple, has promised that all these things he’s bringing up will get resolved over the course of the season.

the walking dead season 4 poster

The Walking Dead Season 4 Fan Questions

  • Who was feeding rats to the walkers?

Do you have suspects on your list? Someone in that prision has been trying to sabotage our gang.

  • Will Beth and Daryl get together?

Admit it, you want it to happen. Emily Kinney and Norman Reedus are cute together as an onscreen couple.

We’re going to learn something, right?

  • Will they find a cure to this virus?

If not, we’re about to lose a ton of people!

  • Will The Governor resurface?

He’s lurking, and probably not dead. Michonne certainly can’t get him out of her mind. Could he be the answer to the first question we had? Who knows. Do you know? IF YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO TELL US.

  • Will Glenn die?

That would be such a huge loss to the show. We love Steven Yeun!

  • Will the hoard that Tyrese, Michonne and Daryl saw, head to the prison?

They didn’t explore it nearly enough! That was pretty massive.

  • Is Rick going to lose his crap, again?

He kind of (uh, majorly) did in “Isolation,” so … will he do it again when pushed just once more? His zen techniques aren’t working anymore.

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