This week on the Small Screen Scoop TV Blog, we’ve got to get on our knees and thank the heavens that Hershel and Glenn are both still with us. (Unless for some reason you really dislike those characters, …in which case you aren’t someone we ¬†particularly want to know!)

the walking dead internment season 4 hershel

Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) – The Walking Dead – Season 4, Episode 5 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead “Internment” Season 4, Episode 5 Review Notes

Maggie Agreed with… Rick

She did mention that she probably wouldn’t be able to send Carol away the way Rick did, but she otherwise agreed that Rick did the right thing, re: Carol’s Banishment. And let’s not pretend it isn’t a BANISHMENT. Of course, Daryl will be our voice next week. Anyway…Maggie was a total survivor

Hershel Polishes Hope

He’s a strong, compasionate man who is losing hope but putting on a brave face. Oh, how I love him. I especially loved him in this episode. I was really fielding a lot of concern for him through this episode. Especially, ESPECIALLY when we thought Sasha might have turned, and he was talking to Rick through the glass. With that dark room and the potential for Rick being forced to watch Hershel being taken up against the glass (whoa, that sounds wrong) I really thought we’d be grieving tonight. But Hershel survived the episode! So, we can relax. For…one week.

The Governor is Back

So, we agree he was the one feeding walkers the rat, right? He doesn’t seem to have a big end-game right now, because his walkers-at-the-fence thing didn’t pan out…thanks to Rick and Carl tag-teaming that stuff.

React: Are you surprised about Maggie’s attitude on Carol? What do you think The Governor will do next? WHAT WILL DARYL DO?