None of us are saints. So what?

rick the walking dead

The Episode

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1
The Walking Dead “30 Days Without an Accident”

The BIG Question

Do you get to come back from the bad things you’ve done?

Explanation of the Question

We all sin, or make bad choices, or do bad things. For most of us, these things fall in the realm of white lies. But in The Walking Dead, these people make major moral choices about life, death, and …well, the undead. (Though, according to Carl, they’re just dead-dead.)

This is a question about redemption…not just in life, but even in whatever sort of space you imagine you are in when you are dead. Will we all ultimately be punished? Can we be saved? Or does this horrible, hard, zombie life curse us to turning into dark versions of ourselves, which completely change our souls?

Even if we’re sorry, does it matter?

And could you ever even forgive yourself?

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Photo Credit: Gene Page for AMC