Here are the best quotes from The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6, “Hounded.” This episode aired on AMC last night.

It’s not sending love…
“It’s a Biter-gram. ”

The answer might be obvious…
Merle, frustrated about Michonne:
We having fun yet?

His sincerity and outlook are troubling…
Rick on the phone: “We’re dying out here.”

He wasn’t given much of a chance…
“Now you’re gonna rise to the occasion, son.”

Well, you don’t need to go all punny on us..
The Governor to Andrea on joining the town:
“They don’t bite, it’s kinda the whole idea of the place.”

We all do what we can…
Hershel to Rick: “I’ll sit here with you. That’s something I’m pretty good at these days.”

And it was real sad…
Carl to Daryl about shooting his Mom:
“I ended it. It was real.”

Guys sometimes have trouble communicating
“Sorry about your Mom.”
Daryl: “Sorry about yours.”

And he was right not to be overjoyed with happiness:
Glenn to Merle, seeing he’s alive:
“You made it.”

If only it had worked…
“You can trust me.”
Glenn: “You can trust us. Stay here.”

It’s the little things in life… even during a zombie apocalypse…
“What you need slippers for?”
Oscar: “End of the day, relax.”

The Walking Dead “Hounded” Quotes. Photo Credit: AMC The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights on AMC.