Darryl has his code… and we have our TEARSOMGCOMEBAAAAACK. Yea, I guess you could say we already miss him. … Here is your review of The Walking Dead season 3, episode 9… titled “The Suicide King.”


The Walking Dead Review – “The Suicide King”

The Andrea tango

They left Andrea. Or rather, Andrea didn’t come with them. (Edit: Oh, but she didn’t know it was them.) I’m not sure what way you want to look at it, but I was hoping Andrea would rejoin the old group. Of course, then we don’t have as much reason to watch what’s going on in Woodbury.

Trust me, you shouldn’t trust me

This episode showed what a mess the dynamics of people are in this new world. You want to trust people and help, but at the same time these are the same who will leverage any power over you that they can, if they think they can.


When Darryl took off, he didn’t have to face Carol. But we got to see how deeply injured she was by his loss. That was heartbreaking, really. She’s really bonded with him, and they’ve both nearly lost each other so many times… to hear that he left her of his own free will… well, that couldn’t have felt good.

And what’s worse, Beth was so sad about it so looked to Carol to help explain it. Carol had to defend Darryl and his code, and why he had to leave with his brother. Which I think probably helped her grieving process, actually…

A few lingering questions…

  • Does Beth have a crush on Rick? Does she want to pretend the baby is hers?
  • Why is Rick hallucinating about Lori in a  white wedding dress? He’s had too much pressure and it’s made him crazy?
  • When will Darryl be back with our group? Since obviously we know it WILL happen.
  • What was the point of this episode title? The Suicide King? Does that mean that Rick is self destructing? Glenn Mazzara tweeted out an image of The King of hearts from his Twitter account today. That card is known as “The Suicide King” because of the way it looks like the king has put a sword in his head. So is that actually a reference about The Governor and his newly eyeless state? Hmmm….

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