Here is a collection of the best quotes from The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 7 titled “When the Dead Come Knocking.”

Merle to Glenn: You don’t even know why you’re here, do ya?

Glenn: We went back for you.
Merle: Ain’t you thoughtful.

Carl: Should we help her?

Glenn: Just a matter of time until they get here.
Merle: I’ll bake a cake, with pink frosting. Would they like that?

Carl: Daryl’s been calling her Asskicker.
Rick: Asskicker? Has he now?

The Governor: Take off your shirt
Maggie: No
The Governor: Take off your shirt or I’ll bring Glenn’s hand in here.

Maggie: Do whatever you’re gonna do.

Daryl: It’s what we do.

Daryl: Remember the Alamo?

Photo: AMC