Even if you weren’t great at history class, I’m sure you remember the Alamo just fine. Although I hope it had less zombie action then what we saw in “When the Dead Come Knocking” on The Walking Dead this week. Wasn’t Davy Crockett there? (I always mix him up with Daniel Boone. And speaking of Racoon Skin caps, wouldn’t Daryl look good in one? …You’re right, fur is wrong even in the apocalypse! …Unless you’re using it for warmth and can’t go break into an Old Navy store.)

The Walking Dead “When the Dead Come Knocking” Review

The Merle Dilemma

Merle couldn’t have pretended his way into the camp by being fake nice, but he couldn’t even keep up that facade for a minute. And then he put his prisoners in cells where they could hear each other… he is not exactly a genius, now is he?

Michonne Goes to War

It’s surprising that she didn’t mention Merle or Andrea to the group. Doesn’t she have all the pieces of the puzzle to know that they’d care? Or is she purposefully witholding the information? If so, why?

What Happened to Maggie Greene

Put Maggie or Glen in a room with a walker, they can survive and mentally handle it. But rape is still unspeakable in this world. And although the threat has been real on the show before, it’s always something that’s still so powerfully wrong and bad. They get jaded by zombies, but rape is a different kind of violation. I love how Lauren Cohan played this scene, with Maggie being so strong and silent, but clearly mortified by what might happen.

The Origin of Judith

Why did that name stick out to Carl? His third grade teacher? Was this a crush situation? Because naming your sister after an older woman you had a thing for is creepy.

Michael Coleman

Quite a mystery. At least for a time. What happened with Mr. Coleman is worth talking about. Clearly Milton was pissed at Andrea, but he didn’t rat out Andrea?

Glenn “the Sneaky One”

Call him sneaky if you want, I call him resourceful! It’s no picnic to fend off a walker while you’re strapped to a chair.

What amused me was the way Merle and The Governor talked about holding Glenn and Maggie. It was almost like The Governor was thinking, “Man, how much is my new girlfriend Andrea going to be pissed at me about this?”

It’s also an interesting note that they said ten people was a big group. Is ten really all that big?

What would you grade this episode?

Photo: AMC. The Walking Dead Recap of Season 3 Episode 7 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Written by Jessica Rae