Rick Grimes talks to dead people. (Which is cool, since half the people from the show are already dead.)

The Walking Dead “Hounded” Review

The phone’s for you

Almost more interesting than there being no one on the phone with Rick is that he was hearing the voices of the dead, and us seeing the way Hershel reacted. From the get go, viewers couldn’t be entirely sure whether the phone calls were real or not. It was a complete case of The Sixth Sense, except he was talking to dead people. (Yes, I’m going to work that connection into the ground. I’m just a few steps away from making buttons with Andrew Lincoln’s face and “I talk to dead people” on it, that is how invested I am!)

Anyway, I thought it was a great trick at having those different voices be people who have died in the past, like Amy and Lori.

Hershel witnessed this phone situation for himself, but you don’t need to worry that he’s holding his breath on hearing from Rick about a crew that are going to save them. Not only did he hear their was no dial tone, but he somehow just knew that Rick was having a psychotic break. It was never real for anyone but Rick. And Rick needed that to work through is problems.

I’ll admit to having a moment near the end where I worried Rick’s subconscious (as Lori) was telling him to get everyone safe by killing them all.

Andrea and The Governor

He’s lying to her, and she’s too happy to play the ignorant-girl-in-love to realize it. Her paranoia has faded away. Hell, she even likes those zombie fights. She spent this episode drinking whiskey, having sex, and being shamed for killing a walker.

More and more, I wonder why The Governor decides to kill or kidnap people, but he was letting Michonne and Andrea stay alive and happy. Why did they luck out?

I’m the best character and all I got was this bloody t-shirt

I love her, and I bet you do even more now. I do have questions for her, however! Like, even though the zombie fights (she didn’t see, but she saw them being held in pens) aren’t really good, is that a reason to go kill these humans? I don’t understand why when there’s so few humans left, they are all so quick to off each other. Why is Michonne hanging out, leaving creepy “Go back” messages?

She’s not in the red zone right now, but what is the red zone?

Seeing guts spill out on her during a fight was a particularly gross visual, but it ultimately helped her disguise herself as a walker. And that was smart thinking. (Did you not worry Glenn or Maggie might see her and kill her, so good was her disguise and her injury-caused limp?)

I’m not sure why Michonne, who hates groups, decided that she’d help Rick’s. It did not seem she was going to approach Maggie and Glenn at any point. Then she heard they were Andrea’s group. Does she want to join them, or find a way to convince Andrea to leave Woodbury? Or is it just Michonne’s conscious at knowing she is the only one who can tell them what happened to Maggie and Glenn? Or even just that she saw there were baby supplies and wanted to help?

What we can all agree on is that she’s a real badass, walking right up to the gates like she did.

I’m going to eat you up (but not in the zombie way)

… AAAAHHH. THE BABY IS SO CUTE AND LITTLE, AND CAN I HOLD HER? I want to smoosh her. Did you see her in that pink outfit? I wanted to kiss her little fingers!

(S)he’s alive!

There’s a bit more hope in our lives with Carol.

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