I made the highly regrettable mistake of trying to eat Noosa* raspberry yogurt while watching the beginning of “Triggerfinger.” Holy gory scenes, Batman!

The Walking Dead Review “Triggerfinger”

Lori wants Shane Dead

It certainly seems like it, right? She’s got all of those leading questions for Rick (Andrew Lincoln)…making her argument as good as something they’d deliver on The Good Wife. (re: Killing the living to protect your own.)

Even though I’m not a fan of Shane (although his lack of hair suits him) I don’t think the answer is to kill him. And Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) shouldn’t either. It’s a pretty drastic step. And Lori hasn’t been making smart choices these days. She drove off alone to find her husband without telling anyone, which means she’s living like the zombie apocalypse only broke out a day ago.

Should Shane Go?

Not that he’d go willingly, but do we want him gone? Andrea is a fan of his, and she told him that all of his decisions have been the smart ones, but his delivery (or presentation) was what made them seem so damn cruel. Having different brains (no zombie pun is coming, I”m not smart enough to think of one) in a situation is always smart. The problem is that Rick and Shane (Jon Bernthal) are both vying to be president of the Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse Group, and as one goes in one direction the other makes up for the slack by going to the other extreme. (These two should have a dance-off or a rap battle, AMIRITE?) As Rick has worked to be patient, Shane has decided he has to go even harder at issues. Rick says they need to talk to Hershel about the walkers in the barn so that they don’t piss him off so badly he kicks them off the farm, and Shane decides he’s going to shoot every last one of them in the head right then and there.

Shane killed Otis, yes. That was wrong. Rick has also killed people, as a sort of sacrifice. The reason Lori wants Shane gone seems to have much more to do with his feelings towards her. And are they valid? Maybe. It’s entirely possible he’ll go nuts and kidnap her and Carl because he wants to steal his “family” away.

Randall at the Farm

Maybe I’m too much of a sucker, but I think it was nice to save Randall’s life. Even when his own people couldn’t be bothered, Rick led the charge to save him. I’ll admit even I felt the situation was hopeless and they should have shot him in the head. It feels cruel to say, but how well can he do if he loses a leg and he’s in a world of walkers or roamers or whatever you wanna call them. They’re deadly and persistent!

Do you think Randall will screw everyone over once he’s healed? I don’t think he would (if you follow the logic of what’s happened to him, and at whose hands), except that it’d make for good drama so NATURALLY the show is gonna do it. If I were Randall, I’d probably just plead to stay on the farm with the nice people.

What’s up with Beth?

I’m very interested in finding out more about what’s going on with Beth (Emily Kinney) and where the story is taking us with that. Being catatonic isn’t exactly very exciting. The thing Hershel said about giving her a sedative so her body wasn’t working so hard made me wonder about how stressed out I make my body all the time… so other than being down on myself for not doing more yoga in life, I’ve got nothing else to say on this Beth situation.

Oh wait, I totally lied. I have to mention that I loved the scene where her sister, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), talked about the birth control/pond incident. And of course Andrea (Laurie Holden) being there (and having so many issues with sisters) made it all very bittersweet.

Where do you think the Beth storyline is going to go?

*Noosa yogurt is the best yogurt I’ve ever had. GET SOME NOW. I prefer raspberry to all the other flavors.