Riiiiick, phone’s for you! (Heh.) We lost a third of our core group at the prison, but Woodbury has reasons to celebrate. Here’s our review of The Walking Dead season 3 episode “Say the Word.”

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Tonight we learned that The Governor has a daughter named Penny that’s a walker. While he cares about her, still, he has no problem using them in gladiator fights.

And speaking of the gladiator fights, they seem reminiscent of past cultures that had gladiator fights, or bull fights. Why do so many cultures fall back on violence as entertainment? (Says the girl watching a show that’s filled with violence…)

Rick’s method of dealing with grief is that… he can’t get a grip on anything and he’s lost to himself and the world right now. My opinion is that he knew he had this rage and he just had to get away and deal with his stuff. When Glenn wants to help him, he doesn’t want it because he’s not done. He’s not ready to feel anything else but his rage-soaked grief. He’s putting it to use, he’s killing away his anger with mostly pointless revenge killing of other walkers. But maybe he’s also building up to being able to see the room where his wife died. Presumably he wanted to see her dead body… but he didn’t get the chance.

So, what happened when Rick was down in the room where Lori died? This was kind of confusing. He picks up a bullet. (I thought it was a tooth at first.) And he sees a walker. This is not Lori. The director has clarified that it was a walker who had eaten Lori and gotten so stuffed that he just fell down where he was. And that’s why his stomach was so big. (Yea, it’s pretty gross.)


  • I guess the perk of having your own town mean you can have a Stars Hollow type of jamboree.
  • Oh, gross, gross, gross. Zombie girl is gross!  The Governor is like a little girl with a cat, he just wants to loooove it no matter how it struggles.
  • Glenn talking about what a good guy T-Dog was makes me wish they had used more of him in the show.
  • The Talking Dead poll was right – Rick went on a walker killing spree.
  • Glen/Maggie are so cute.
  • Glenn dug three graves (well, Axel and Oscar did two) but there’s no bodies for the graves… I know it was symbolic, but it seems like a lot of effort for the gesture. They need to save their energy. Or maybe Glenn needed his own method of grieving?
  • A zombie playground. For the pampered undead.
  • Chilled drinks are a big delight in this world. Makes you feel grateful for what you have.
  • Michonne needs her outlet.
  • They’re fishing for zombies. Merle is totally, totally crazy.
  • Carl with the list of names of the dead… now that was a sad moment.
  • Some people are saying Carl didn’t shoot his Mom. I find that hard to believe. Isn’t her dead corpse the reason the zombie went and ate her? Otherwise she would have gotten up as a walker, right? The bullet maybe fell out of her?
  • Was the phone really ringing? If so, who was calling?

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 5 | The Walking Dead “Say the Word” Review | This episode was written by Angela Kang | Photo Credit: AMC

Written by Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop. Find her on Twitter @ThisJessicaRae.