Though I can’t have been the only one hoping this agonizing decision making process  on The Walking Dead season 2 would end, I certainly never wanted it to come at the expense of a beloved character’s death.

The Walking Dead Review “Judge, Jury, Executioner”

The Walking Dead spoilers below. Read at your own risk.

Dale before Shane, really? Man!

Going through the long day’s process of thinking about whether a human life was a risk to keep alive didn’t result in much of a decision on the show. Although it felt annoying that it was all they could talk about, it re-directed attention to the fact that this was, indeed, a major decision that would affect the group and their decision-making for long after this one time.

Luckily, Dale convinced everyone that Rick shouldn’t have the only say. A decision this big should be more of a Democracy. Dale also had plenty to say in terms of taking a risk and not killing a boy (Randall, that’s his damn name) who is only a potential threat. I have to say that while I started off the episode ready to side with Dale, as the episode progressed I started to believe the kid was so much of a threat that I’d reluctantly agree with everyone else. This is in part because I know that on the show they’d love to show us how wrong we were for trusting anyone.

I have a lot to say about Carl Grimes. Read more here on how Carl Grimes is a jerk but I feel bad for him.

Dale died a painful, horrible death. This is sad. I’m not over this. But I respect the decision to do that.

The Walking Dead Quotes

“We have to eliminate the threat.” – Rick

“The world we know is gone. But keeping our humanity, that’s a choice.” – Dale

“Do it, Dad. Do it.” – Carl

“It changes us.” – Dale

“Who says we’re civilized anymore?” – Andrea

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How do you feel about Dale’s death? What will his legacy unto the group be?