It won’t make sense right now, but in this review of The Walking Dead, we’re talking about “Jurassic Park.” Oh, and The Governor’s potential online dating profile!


The Walking Dead Review

Out of left field

Who thought the greatest moment of the episode would be a serene Carol, holding a baby, telling Andrea that she should sleep with The Governor and then kill him? Cause I didn’t see that coming. But I loved that moment. Because Carol is thinking in a new way, a way that explains, so clearly, this new world they all live in now.


So, Andrea had a busy episode. And I do feel bad for her, though I also think she’s believing she’s more powerful than she is. But my main note is that in her khaki shirt and messy blonde ponytail she reminded me of the actress from Jurassic Park. And then I started thinking about how there’s supposedly a new installment coming out. Which would be cool, except that 2 and 3 were bummers. Anyway, Andrea couldn’t kill the Governor but since he knew she as about to methinks he’s going to retaliate against her, instead of trust her more. Because if there’s one thing we know he is, it’s CRAZY …and paranoid and ruthless. Man, he doesn’t have any good qualities. He would have the worst Ok Cupid profile ever.

SWM seeking blonde who bears resemblance to my dead wife, for cuddling and extracting plans of justice against enemies. Must be into biting, submission, and gun play. Must not ask questions or believe in feminism. Must know how to shoot a gun. Must be into experiments with the undead. Cooking a plus. Fans of warlords should apply asap.

Guv’ner Woes

Does The Governor even remember why he’s so mad at the prison gang? See, maybe I kind of forgot since it’s been a few weeks since all the fighting went down. I believe it’s because his fishtank heads were smashed, and some zombies were let into Woodbury by accident. Right? And I suppose The Governor isn’t remembering that the zombies got in while our heroes were stealing their friends back from being captured… (Oh, and his eye! He’s all Patchy McGee, now.) Anyway my theory, and oh – by the way I have a theory! So, my theory is that The Governor is just ANGRY at the word, and he wants a target he knows he can really defeat. He can’t stop all of the walkers, or biters… but he can stop these humans. So he’s targeted them, and he’s going to destroy them for a huge win.

Hold on, hold on

The song that Beth (Emily Kinney) sang was “Hold On” by Tom Waits. I kept waiting for Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to join in, because when I interviewed her she told me she was actually very interested in pursuing a musical path with her career now. Either way, Kinney has a gorgeous voice and that song is beautiful.

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