Do you think that it’s true that the weak cowards are the ones who will survive an apocalyptic event the same way they are always the last ones left at the game of dodge ball? Because if this is true, then I am totally, totally screwed. How ’bout you? Anyway, here’s my review of The Walking Dead, “Clear.”


The Walking Dead Review – “Clear”

Signs of the times

Seeing the sign for Erin, and the bracelet identifying one of the walkers as that lost tribe member…it was haunting and perfect. So was the look at the old, abandoned town and the spray painted message, “Away with you.” …Was it a warning, a demand, what? And what was with, “No guilt. You know that.” In fact, there were tons of signs. I think I spotted “Asshole.” And, “Turn around and live.” Plus, “Not shitting you.” And of course, “Clear.”

I’m a dorky animal lover

I want to talk about the rodents in cages. Were they possums? At first, I thought maybe Morgan had collected them as friends. That’s what I would have wanted to do… to find all the pets in houses and save them. But…I’m a dork like that about animals. Then, I realized Morgan was using them as a way to lure in walkers. And that makes me sad. Those poor animals!


Morgan was back, but gone crazy. Why? Because he’s been left all alone in a world with zombies. Which is why having a tribe is so important.

I think the story of Morgan reminds us that a lot of people are having heartbreaking stories in this story. It gave us a chance to glimpse into another storyline, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I love episodes like this, that are totally different than what we’re used to, but still in the world we know the show to be within. Girls recently did a stand alone episode like this, which I also enjoyed.

Misc review notes that didn’t fit anywhere else

I thought being trapped in a car with walkers around them would be more of a problem..but the gun took care of that soon enough. (Also, how did all those walkers just magically appear?)

Those booby traps were genius – using simple materials to catch walkers.

Carl is learning from his Dad, and one of the things they learn is to not help strangers. I felt bad for that guy who was on his own, hiking and running after them.

Do you think Carl is being too rebellious? Should they have stopped for that hiker? Would you want to befriend a possum if you were all alone in a town of zombies?

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