That was a hell of a way to end an episode.

AMC’s The Walking Dead delivers powerful television every week. This week was no different. Let’s dive right in and discuss some of the major points.

Carl the Kid

Maybe it’s foolish to want a kid to stay innocent(ish) for very long in this world of walkers, but Shane had no right to give Carl that gun. When Rick did it, at least it was more of his right to do so. Carl had become a pawn in the game that Shane was playing with Rick and Lori. He knew that Carl liked him and he used that. Hell, at the end of the episode Carl thought his Dad was the bad guy for a second. So even after his last breath, Shane was trying to cause trouble.

Lori the Liar

Does anyone buy for one stinkin’ minute that Lori’s apology was genuine? But she gave fuel to Shane and that almost led to Rick’s death. Damn you, Lori.


Daddy’s Dead

Glenn and Andrea both took to Dale’s RV, and for a moment I thought they might fight over it. I could see the sibling dynamic come forth and them both wondering who Dale (Daddy) loved more, and who disappointed him… but Andrea was supportive. And suddenly it was like she was the cool older sister instead of the brat. Man, I miss Dale.

Randy the Victim

When is all is said and done, Randy was treated pretty badly. I bet he wishes he just died a long time ago. Instead, his pain and uncertainty were simply prolonged. No one ever bothered to go tell him “hey, we’re not killing you.” And then, of course, there’s Shane and his plan.

Shane’s Plan

It almost worked. Shane killed Randy. Shane was ready to kill Rick. Thank God that it didn’t happen. What we learned is that once someone is killed, they can instantly pick up the zombie virus.


There were two iconic images in this episode. First, there was seeing the silhouettes of Rick and Carl in the barn. Secondly, there was the moonlit hill where Rick and Shane stood.

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