Is everything Lori Grimes fault? Let’s discuss The Walking Dead season 2 finale!

Phenomenally dramatic, The Walking Dead season 2 finale left me not on the edge of my seat but curled into the recesses of the couch while I tried not to bite my fingers.

Things that could be Lori’s Fault

Let’s see… well, she doesn’t have a good idea of where Carl is most of the time. That’s problematic. That meant he (and I’m only tallying up things for this episode) ran out to see his Father kill Shane, then caused his Mother and the ladies to all be slow in running away. This caused one death, and almost caused more. Lori gave mixed signals to both Shane and Rick, so when Rick did shoot him Lori was pissed off.

Lay off Rick

Everyone has depended upon Rick as a leader that they forget he’s a person with a long-time friend, wife, and son in the mix. That carries tons of emotional baggage and whatnot. In every other episode, Rick has more or less been characterized as a good guy. This episode was scripted with so much guilt, even Rick’s meltdown and speeches approached everything from a place of guilt. It’s no wonder most of you will feel pissed at Rick. But I refuse. I refuse to let the show lead me in a direction I don’t want to go. Rick may not (no – is not) perfect, but he’s not as guilty as they’re making it seem. He had to kill Shane, or else Shane would have killed him. Kill or be killed is fairly … well, you can’t argue with it. Maybe Rick should have told everyone they were infected but until he knew for sure, he’d only be worrying everyone without proof. (And who cares? They’re all going to die by zombies anyway!)

Daryl and Carol

Don’t you want them to have an unlikely love affair? God, I do. No, I’m not obsessed with romance. I just… I never really wanted it before. But this episode made me want them to pair up in more ways than one. Having rhyming names are just a bonus. (I have to remind you guys that Norman Reedus is in the awesome 90’s movie Gossip.)

The Dead: Who died?

Patricia and Jimmy. I’m not sure how walkers got into the RV, but if you were wondering who would inherit that thing now that Dale is gone…. well, no one! Patricia’s death was so sad, but needed. (Without real deaths of people we semi-care about, we have no real stakes.)

Shout-out to Lauren Cohan

She was holding on so long, driving and driving. And finally, finally, Glen made them switch sides. Once she was back in the car she allowed herself to break down and cry (and basically lose it.) This moment was beautifully tragic. And, hey, Lauren Cohan seems like a truly awesome person in addition to being a talented actress.

Is Andrea Angry?

She’s a she-spy on the run! She’s a warrior woman! She’s so effing cool! She’s got all the strength she needs in reserves. She can be independent and will fight for her life out of stubbornness. And then she got the coolest rescue in the world. Make that, the creepiest…

Laurie Holden is like La Femme Nikkita. She convinces the audience. I love it.

I keep wondering how much of a grudge Andrea will hold. She knows they didn’t leave her on purpose, but I can see her breaking down and getting pissed off, feeling victimized. What do you think? Will she want revenge? (Keep in mind I have not read the comics and don’t want definitive answers, only your theories.)

Did that helicopter really make all of the walkers migrate, or is something else going on? Once the helicopter disappeared from view, would it really keep them going? And where was the helicopter from? Where was it going? Did it mean to make the walkers follow it?

Best Walking Dead Quote of the episode

“I just thought he had a little something different in mind” – Hershel