Michonne seemed to have quite a difficult time in holding baby Judith, why do you think that was?

Maybe it was just exhaustion. Maybe it was more than that. And if it was something more, do we think she had a child who died with the walkers, or previously? And was it a baby or a child of another age? SO.MANY.QUESTIONS.

michonne horse

Michonne rides again! Photo: AMC

TV Show: The Walking Dead
Episode: “Infected”
Numbers: Season 4, Episode 2

Many people have lost children on the show, but Michonne has never talked about this with any of our current characters. She may have talked about it with Andrea, of course. Either way, it seems she might have a secret. Plus, didn’t you catch how Beth was talking about there’s no word for people who’ve lost kids – just widows and widowers? That seems like an important point that the show was making in the midst of all that walker chaos.

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Two extra cents: Michonne seemed incredibly concerned about Judith’s health, asking about if she always coughed in a certain way and how upset the baby seemed. What can we read into that?

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