‘The Walking Dead’ season 4 teased us about this earlier in the season…Beth and Daryl have been growing closer bit by bit. Now, they have an even greater chance at bonding. Will it lead to romance? If it does…what is your opinion on it?

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After seeing Daryl and Beth running together, do you want them to hook up? We may not have specific spoilers for you, but we can all certainly gauge what we, the fans are thinking. (We know there are a lot of Beth and Daryl shippers out there. Hollaback at us!)

‘The Walking Dead’ Poll

We’ve provided options for you to say you REALLY want them to be together, or you really would HATE the idea. Feel free to leave a comment expounding on why you picked your choice. We will always respond to all comments, so leaving one is never a waste of time on your part. As we are all TV fans at Small Screen Scoop, we always care what other major fans are thinking.

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