This episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ yields a lot of questions. We’re going to go through them all.

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‘The Walking Dead’ Review Questions

The first and most obvious question to ask…

Why was there no rendezvous plan for if they were ever separated? That’s why they’re all screwed now. They could have avoided it.

Go back to jail?

The prison can still be reclaimed. Face it…The Governor’s dead, it’s got a ton of good supplies. Do you think they should ever think about going back?

What do you do with a problem like Lizzie?

What psycho thing will Lizzie do next? She’s already killed innocent bunnies, and tried to suffocate Judith. What’s next for our resident sociopath?

What will Terminus be?

Is it really a wonderful place…a trap, or just a lie to give people hope?

‘The Walking Dead’ TV Recap — Season 4, Episode 10 “Inmates”

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