Do you think right/wrong is black and white? Are you positive the Governor is bad, (Spoiler) needed to die instead of (Spoiler), and Andrew is responsible for those two big deaths? Let’s talk about all that, and more. Because all we see are shades of gray and are eager to get your own reactions to what went down on Sunday night. Here’s our The Walking Dead season 3 episode 4 “Killer Within” review.

How nice do we need to be?

This episode revisited the idea that two remaining men our group found in jail were worth saving. Specifically, T-Dog (IronE Singleton) was swayed by the appeals issued by Axel (Lew Temple) and Oscar (Vincent M. Ward.) Call me overly sympathetic, but I was easily convinced to agree with T-Dog and wanted Rick and the others to let Axel and Oscar into their group. I’m curious about what you guys thought in the beginning of this episode, did anyone else want to let them join the group? The jury might technically still be out on one of the guys, but otherwise I think we know we can trust them since…

When it came down to killing Rick or Andrew (Markice Moore) Oscar sided with the group who had previously been about to kick him out to the cold. And there is an interesting bit. Because did he do it knowing it was the right/moral thing to do? How could that be, although Andrew had bad intentions, Oscar at least had known Andrew. The moral thing for Oscar might actually have been to help Andrew over Rick if he had to make a choice. (I don’t suppose they could have all ever gotten along.)

How much do you blame Andrew?

If we follow the line of destruction, we can blame everything on Andrew. T-Dog and Lori both died as a result of this mess. That’s the easy line of logic.

But we have to examine why Andrew did what he did. He had previously begged for his life and had run away to save his life. When Rick had a chance to help save him, he refuse. Left for dead, who knows the horrors Andrew experienced while surviving on his own in the dark prison. And if Rick and crew can do an every man/group for themselves mentality, then can we hate Andrew for also doing it? He was driven crazy and he formulated a plan to take back the prison. Who knows if he would have let Axel and Oscar back in, or if he would have let everyone back in if only he could secure an upperhand and know he wouldn’t be killed. But I’m well aware this is a very sympathetic approach. It’s likely Andrew would not have helped anyone. But how can we be sure? We can only guess.

lauren cohan the walking dead

In a way, it is what Rick did to Andrew that made Andrew retaliate.

And that’s why Rick must realize the huge burden of every choice he makes and how it will affect life and death later. From this line of logic, Rick is very much responsible for Lori’s death.

The Death Scene 1

Like many characters, T-Dog had a pretty swift death. But we have to honor him. He’s been with us for so long. And he was a good, good man. His last acts were not to beg to be saved or try to die in a corner but to sacrifice himself even more fully (not to a more certain death, but to a more certain pain) to help Carol. God. That was so sad to see.

The Death Scene 2 & 3

Lori died twice, kinda. Mostly I’m being silly about it being two deaths. But we have to talk about the fact that once she died during the C-section, she had to be shot in the head. Cause, hi, that’s a big deal. In fact, her own son was the one who had to do it. And for all of his bratty behavior and growing darkness… you can’t believe for even a hair of a second that Carl wanted to kill his Mother. He didn’t always like her, and he is growing up in a dark and scary world that is hardening his heart… but he’s still got the potential to be a good man when (and if) he grows up.

And Lori spent time to deliver a message to Carl before making the choice to say goodbye to this world. She told him, specifically, things (that he’ll always remember) about remembering that doing the right thing is not always easy but still worth doing. And that’s a message our young Carl really needed to hear. It doesn’t make Lori’s death worth it, but it was a good use of a last message.

Lori’s Choice

Did Lori make the right choice? Wouldn’t it have been better to not deliver the baby – let the poor thing die – and keep Lori alive? If Lori could have stayed alive, I mean. Because I can’t act like I know how medical procedures work. I’m not sure if a woman can survive something like that – and if that woudl have resulted in giving birth to a stillborn or if they both would have died.

And if Lori could have lived while her baby died, I think she should have. What do you think?

Here’s why I think that. She’s adult and therefore more helpful and capable than a child – let alone a baby. A baby is a big problem. It’ll cry and attract zombie attention. It’ll need medical care, formula, diapers – lots of supplies!

If Lori was living in Woodberry, that’d be different. But given the situation and where our heroes (?) are… a baby complicates everything. Yes, everyone would be sad to lose the baby. But losing Lori hurts us more in certain ways.

So, if we think that Lori made this choice knowing she had a choice of who would live (her or the baby) I think it’s even more confusing. Is she being selfless and trying to believe in hope of a future? That doesn’t seem like her. I feel like it was a selfish move, that Lori was sad about her family, her husband, the world… everything. She wanted an out, and she was offered one. (Of course, she knew there would be pain, and she did opt to have that pain…) I’m so confused about how I feel.

Other Review Notes

  • Why won’t Michone leave Andrea if she knows the right thing to do is to get out of dodge?
  • Why did the Governor care about Merle enough to save him but not the other men? Just for supplies?
  • When will we re-discover Carol?
  • Maggie┬á (Lauren Cohan) really gave a memorable performance in this episode. She was the one to deliver the baby and tell Rick (and the others) the news. I cried much. Because Carol won’t want the role… I think this means that Maggie is the new Matriarch of our group.
  • Rick (Andrew Lincoln) also needs an Emmy WIN for his performance at the end of “Killer Within” because … damn. He was so wrecked with grief he couldn’t even keep his body vertical anymore. I could see and feel the conflict he had when he wanted to approach the baby but also hated it, and he knew why Lori wasn’t there but also tried to keep up denial at first… there was so much to play and he played it all out for us.
  • I am going to miss Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies has been a favorite of mine since she was on Prison Break) even though I didn’t like her character anymore.

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