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carol the walking dead

Carol has become a badass. Photo: AMC

When Rick got to investigating who’d killed Karen and Other Guy, a bloody handprint proved especially telling.  See, it was small. A woman’s. Which narrowed down the list of suspects. And while this could have included any woman – from Maggie to Beth, Rick just knew who it was…. Carol. And why? Because she loves the people in their group so much, that if anything is threatening it, she’s going to try to keep the majority safe.

Something that was unclear, at first, was how the burned bodies got to their state. One could have assumed a few things….or at least two.

  1. The someone found the bodies dead, and then took them out to burn them.
  2. That someone took both people, killed them and then burned them.

It turns out it was the latter.

TV Show: The Walking Dead

Episode: Isolation

Numbers: Season 4, Episode 3

We know how it turned out… the virus wasn’t contained, so killing those two infected people didn’t help. But do you think Carol’s heart/mind was in the right place? If it had worked, would you have pat her on the back?

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