Is Hershel’s compassion going to be the end of him?

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Hershel has always been a peacemaker on The Walking Dead. Photo: AMC

In “Isolatin,” Hershel decides to disobey orders from other’s, and do what he feels is right. This involved going out of quarantine, into the woods, and then into the area with other infected people so he could help them. Treat them, in fact. He was making them Elderberry tea, of all things.

Thought Maggie and Rick both tried to stop him, Hershel wouldn’t listen. And once inside, he told the other doctor that he’d have done the same thing.

The issue at hand is whether Hershel was nice to go in and give any aide he could as a Vet (with Dr. experience), or whether Hershel was dumb for exposing himself to the virus.

He might be able to relieve some of their pain, but will his actions make any difference? We don’t know. So, what do you think of his choice so far?

Show: The Walking Dead
Episode: Isolation
Numbers: Season 4, Episode 3

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The Walking Dead “Isolation” Season 4, Episode 3 Poll