In these amazing Walking Dead tweets from “Coda” fans mourn the loss of Beth Greene. (With humor. And liquor. …And sometimes both.)

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The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 8 “Coda” Tweets

Ooooh, the puns.
Looks like Beth finally got it through her head that they didn’t like her at the hospital.

It’s so true.
Saige Payne ‏@PayneSaige
If Daryl cries, I cry. #TheWalkingDead

We knew those scissors were gonna be trouble…
Cate Brecht ‏@CateBrecht
I’m unsatisfied with that episode of #TheWalkingDead. Note to self: don’t bring scissors to a gun fight in the apocalypse. #RIPBeth

Sometimes the funniest things are the simplest things…
snomaN gaming ‏@snomaNgaming 
Rick=master negotiator. Well, 2 snipers help too. #TheWalkingDead

Yes. So much yes.
Jessica @JessieTino
So after I watched #TheWalkingDead… (Picture Link)

It’s not really a family affair.
rebel @theReal_Rebel 2 minutes ago
The Zombie Apocalypse is bad for families. Only two genetically linked ones left on #TheWalkingDead

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