Some say that a lot didn’t happen in The Walking Dead “Cherokee Rose.” I’d argue that a hell of a lot happened that will affect the rest of the season. For this, we go to bullet points. Partly because bullet points make me feel particularly organized.

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  • Shane basically confessed to murder but Andrea was too thick to realize it. Part of me thinks actually might, and that she’s okay with it. She’s a bit twisted. And I don’t mean that she’s twisted for wanting to off herself. There’s something about her that just seems unreliable and unsteady.
  • Lori is pregnant, and she also found a pregnancy test with the fastest results ever. Don’t you usually have to wait a minute, or ten? The director didn’t want to exploit those agonizing minutes between taking the test and waiting for the answer? I’m not director, but I think something beautiful could have been filmed with Lori squatting all alone in the silent field, armed in case a Walker came by to murder her, knowing her fate was about to change forever. That was a tense moment that wasn’t sufficiently milked.

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  • Hershel Greene made it clear that Rick and his people are not welcome to stay. He mentioned there were a few reasons, but wouldn’t say what they were. Suspicious! Is it because he doesn’t trust the new people? Because they’ll go through supplies faster? I’d think you’d feel safer with more people, especially when two of them are law men.
  • Sophia spent another day lost, meaning her chances of survival are slimmer.
  • Daryl educated us all on some history of The Trail of Tears. They should show that little segment in history classes to make kids remember it.
  • Glenn and Maggie had sex. Their bond is nice. When the tribes have to separate, Glenn might stay, or Maggie might tag along. It’s nice that people can still find “love” in these times, and really, shouldn’t everyone get to work on procreating the human race? (For this reason, I’d say that Lori being pregnant is a good thing, even though at first it seems like a death sentence for her to try to run from zombies while being 7 months along.)
  • Even when the dead have risen to eat you, smaller matters like who your baby daddy is still seem important.

Other thoughts on this episode of The Walking Dead Season 2:

When a smart show does something dumb, it’s annoying. How obvious was it that Lori wanted a pregnancy test? It was that or tampons, and I didn’t think she’d be so secretive about that. Also, that’s probably a pretty serious problem for the women. The Walkers can smell blood, maybe. Either way, women on their cycles need pads or tampons, and I suspect those are readily available on the road.

Something else that seemed dumb was the group trying to get the bloated zombie out of the well without killing him first. Live bait? Sure! Anyone think of using a squirrel or a rabbit? Nah. Let’s use a human! And even though we know he’s a zombie whose flesh is delicate, we’re going to pull him up slowly and … yea. Jabba the hut gave a great gorey visual, both pre and post his … being halved. But the water was already contaminated, I think. We saw blood on the Walker, and you know there are other bodily fluids that could have leaked into the water. Shouldn’t they just get those clean water tablets and use it on ocean/lake water? And, did anyone else think that it was kind of a trick to lure the one tribe into drinking contaminated water? I mean, it’s possible. Just because they saved the kid doesn’t mean they are for all the other adults to be there.

I liked Lauren Cohan as Bela on Supernatural, then I didn’t see a lot of her on TV. But she got a haircut, and suddenly she’s on every primetime tv show (The Vampire Diaries, Chuck, The Walking Dead.) Man. I bet she wish she had gotten her hair cut sooner.

So Rick and Hershel kind of just went walking around to talk about religion. That was a little odd since Rick needed bed rest. But at the same time, I think Hershel wanted to give Rick guidance. The leader to leader stuff reminds me of Lost.

How cool are the horses? The only issue is that… wouldn’t the walkers hear the hooves? Of course they can hear cars, too. And I really love the idea of going back to America’s roots as a saving grace. The best place to be in this scenario is at an isolated farm where you can sustain on your own with livestock, crops, wells, etc.

Best quote of the night: “It’s good to pause and take a moment for an occasional reminder.” “Of what?” “Whatever comes to mind. For me, it’s often God.”

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