I haven’t even added “Michonne” to my laptop dictionary spellcheck and Rick is considering getting rid of her? Ouch! Here’s my review of The Walking Dead, “Arrow on the Doorpost.”  (In regards to the title: I wouldn’t give him Judith any more than I would offer up Michonne. So there’s really no one he could have asked for, short of Merle, where it wouldn’t have been bad. But this reminded me of Rumplestiltkin for a bit…where I thought The Governor might want the second born child of Rick’s….Not that we’re sure it wasn’t Shane’s baby…Er….moving on!)


The Walking Dead Review

War buddies

Without being told to hate each other, Daryl and the other guy (yes, you found me out, I forgot his name – oh – oh Caesar Martinez….and yes I looked it up…) can be amicable. They share a smoke, a story or two… And I liked that. That little scene. It showed that human connections could still happen.

Here’s a momentary spotlight on the friendship that Daryl and Martinez could of had under different circumstances. And who wouldn’t love Jose Pablo Cantillo and Norman Reedus to have more screen time, huh? You won’t find anyone against it ’round here.

Emily Kinney, I heart you

I loved, loved, LOVED the moment where Beth rose up a gun and fired a shot. Glen and Merle were going at it, and Maggie and Michonne were trying to break them up. But something about the directing where we hear the shot, and see it’s Beth, of all people, angry as hell…. I loved it.

Andrea, she’s all torn between two camps…being the most dramatic girl in high school, ugh! Go cry in the bathroom, girl. …And, of course, inevitably I’m the type to follow with a little packet of tissues and bottle of seltzer water. I’m a nurturer by nature! And you know who isn’t? THE GOVERNOR. I don’t always NEED a segue in this format, but that’s a damn good one for this…

A 2-bit vendetta

The Governor wants Michonne. To destroy her. Yes. But  am I the only person who thought he was going to ask for baby Judith, or Maggie? Because those would have been even worse. But as it is, Carl so recently vouched for Michonne. And Michonne is still a person, no matter what. Turning someone over like that…that’s wrong. And Rick knows it. But I’d also think that he knows that going to war is wrong, too. Wouldn’t a smart leader just leave and keep everyone safe rather than care about ego and pride and winning?

There was a lot of great tension in this episode, and I suspect many found it a little boring. Mostly? It was two generals sitting at a table, discussing their war. Plus, I don’t think a word was uttered for the first three minutes.

Reunited,  and it feels so gooooood

Maggie and Glenn made up, which was wonderful. Because Glenn is actually turning dark and hard without her. They’re a sweet, beautiful couple who have hot, dangerous sex. I’m glad that Lauren Cohan managed to do such a hot sexy scene without showing us too much. I’m protective! She’s my soul sister, ya’ll. Go oogle someone else.

Uh, why did Andrea stay?

I think she knows who the right team is by now, but she stays with the bad one. So we gotta ask ourselves, why? She’s not in love with The Governor. She’s no longer disillusioned about what he is. So, why? I believe she thinks she can still do some good from that other camp. Not just for the people of Woodbury who need a sane leader, but for the people of her other camp. In a way, there’s a lot of burden on her shoulders based on what she believes she can do. Of course, we see how The Governor talks when she’s not around. He doesn’t consider her opinion, and he probably never did. But what’s smart is that he’s made Andrea believe, for a long time, that he does.

Andrea feels like The Chosen One, when she’s just a bad joke. …That’s tough.

Well, we’ve got a whole week until another episode. So feel free to sound your fury below!

Big up’s to Ryan C. Coleman for penning this episode, which was full of great Walking Dead quotes.