Powerful voices took the stage on The Voice when both Team Cee Lo and Team Adam performed, live on NBC. Here’s a recap of what Team Cee Lo gave fans:

Taylor and Tori Thompson
Team Cee Lo
“Boogie Ooogle Bugle Boy” by The Andrews Sisters
Adam: He called it “good ol’ fashioned entertainment.”
Blake: “It was awesome.”
Christina: “Did I just step off the set of my Candy Man video?” she joked. “It was very entertaining.”
Cee Lo: “I know that it was a difficult song to do. You would have made The Andrews sisters very proud. You make me proud to be an American and I salute you.”

Vicci Martinez
Team Cee Lo
“Jolene” by Dolly Parton
Adam: “Such a soulful, raw, honest, amazing performance. I really just believe you the whole time.”
Blake: “She truly is explosive.”
Christina: “It was a very heartfelt performance.”
Cee Lo: “You did such a wonderful job. You took my advice. You worked that stage like a professional. Your voice is so big, so powerful, so commanding.”

Team Cee Lo (including the man, himself) performed “Everyday People” together on stage.

Team Cee Lo
“Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon
Blake: “He pointed at me and said ‘your sex is on fire’ and I felt the burn, that is power.”
Cee Lo: “That was a great job, dude. You did everything perfect.”

Curtis Grimes
Team Cee Lo
“Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer
Adam: “You really wear a cowboy hat. I look like an idiot if I wear a cowboy hat. iI’m jealous of your voice, it’s really deep and manly.”
Blake: “I have a lot of respect for country guys coming out here. You look good, man.”
Christina: “I like your spunky attitude. You have such a great, as Adam says, manly voice.”
Cee Lo: “I think you did a wonderful job.”

So, fess up! Who’s your favorite on #TeamCeeLo?