I had my eyes glued to Twitter while The Voice completed the blind auditions tonight. (You remember, I was being a Social DJ for Sidecastr, so I had a perfect vantage point of anyone using #TheVoice hashtag… which is a LOT of people every minute, seriously. Which is why Sidecastr is so genius!) Anyway….I noticed several common themes, and want to share them with you guys!

adam levine the voice

Are you team Adam?

So, here is what most of Twitter was united in thinking about while tweeting during The Voice tonight:

Sample: “Change your clothes, Shakira!”
Shakira wore the same outfit every night. There was a lot of talk about this. People can’t tell so much with the boys, and no one really mentioned that. After all, the boys wear the same thing no matter what most of the time. But they were hoping for a change from Shakira. Surprisingly, a lot of people were annoyed by this! I also saw one Mother hilariously tweeting that now her kids can watch The Voice with her because she’s no longer had to worry about Christina Aguilera’s massive cleavage.

Sample: “#UshersLeg will get everyone in the end!”

Yes, Usher’s Leg was trending. Or rather, #UshersLeg. People are really embracing the new judges. And it seems Usher already has his signature move. People also noted that Blake Shelton’s Finger is his signature move.

Sample: “Damn, Usher is going to come down on them.”
We were giving a glance of The Voice for next week, where the coaches and mentors go to work. And guess what, Usher looks like a tough coach. When one guy is laughing, he goes at him, asking if there’s something funny. He’s not playing around. And since no one knew what kind of coaching style he would have, people are enjoying being able to see right away what he’s going to be like.

Sample: “TEAM ADAM FTW. No way Blake can beat him. This is the most solid group on #TheVoice.”
People really, REALLY think Team Adam is the one to beat, because he has the power house singers. And Adam played it well, he probably has some of the very best singers on his team. And even those people who want other’s to win, are tweeting that they still think Adam Levine will work.

Sample: So, people who already kind of had record deals are all who can audition now? SMH.

So, this was sparked the most by people taking notice of a girl whose band played on Warped Tour was allowed to audition. (I believe this was about Jacqui Sandell.) And as we went along, it was a bunch of people who had sung backup for big-named singers already. And Luke Edgemon has apparently been on Glee. But this has all been mild success. Still, some people think this is cheating because they are used to formats like American Idol, where you can’t have had any success yet.