Tell me you have by now caught Javier Colon’s performance of “Angel”! Team Adam and Team Cee Lo took to the stage last night on The Voice. And it was, as it has been promoted, full of rich talent. Casey Weston, Devon Barley and Jeff Jenkins were all praised, but it was Javier Colon who was the real standout for #TeamAdam last night.

Casey Weston
Team Adam
“Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall
Blake: “I’m about to download that in just a second. ‘Cause it was awesome.”
Christina: “That was really fun. … You have a beautiful voice.”
Cee Lo: “You know I love you.”
Adam: “I knew you were out of your comfort zone for this one. And it was kinda intentional. I’m just so happy. I’m telling you, it was amazing. … You killed it.”

Devon Barley
Team Adam
“Stop and Stare” by One Republic
Blake: “Just powerful. I love that there was no anything on the stage. Just a guy up there who can sing his ass off.”
Christina: “I’m into you, Devon. … You really bring it when you’re on that stage.”
Cee Lo: “You have such a strong vocal. … That’s one of the most fascinating parts about you.”
Adam: “It was a little pitchy in the beginning…whatever. You beat those issues. You were so supremely confident up there. I’m so proud of you, man. Such a good job.”

Team Adam (including the man himself) performed “With a Little Help From my Friends.”

Jeff Jenkins
Team Adam
“Jesus, Take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood
Christina: “That was beautiful.”
Adam: “You did such an incredible job. …There’s just something about your presence and the power of your voice that demands so much attention. You did it again.”

Javier Colon
Team Adam
“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan
Blake: “You don’t talk about Javier. You go out and buy his records and his t-shirts and his concert tickets.”
Christina: “The one that got away. Why did you do it to me Javier!”
Cee Lo: “You really truly do have a voice – of an angel. I enjoyed you so much.”
Adam: “It was absolutely perfect.”

What did you think? Who do you love the most on Team Adam?