One thing all smart Americans can agree on is that The Voice is the best reality TV show about singing. (Sorry American Idol!) And tonight? Tonight was the season 4 finale. Read along with my live recap of the event…


First, we had Christina Aguilera and Pitbull. She always brings power, since her voice is powered by …I don’t know, whatever is super strong. The Hoover Dam? Rockets?

Next, The Swon Brothers picked Justin Rivers, Amber Carrington and Holly Tucker to sing “Stars Tonight” by Lady Antebellum. Missed it? Just go right here to get a more in depth recap!

We had fan videos of coach impressions, which were hilarious. Mark from Blue Beel PA was hilarious as Adam Levine. Ava from LA, California was adorable as Shakira. What a cute diva! Sadly, we only got to see four short impersonations!

A funny bit about how Blake Shelton and Adam Levine had a perfect bromance until this season. Shakira told the camera their bromance was having a crisis. Usher suggested couples therapy. Shakira said that Blake has fallen for Usher. Gasp! Is there rivalry now?

Michelle Chamuel and One Republic – “We’ll Be Counting Stars”

A tribute to Usher’s coaching style. Then we saw how Blake Shelton coaches, in a staged part. He’s a hilarious coach. He mocked Usher’s style with shake weights and a fun house mirror. Danielle Bradbery was catching notes with chopsticks. It was hilarious.

Florida Georgia Line and Nelly – “Cruise”

Vedo, Josiah Hawley, Kris, Gabriel – “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”

Danielle Bradbery picked for “All American Girl” – Sarah Simmons, Amber Carrington, Caroline Glaser

A section on Guilty pleasures. The most important takeaway is that Cee Lo took the bird away from Shakira and she made the most adorable pouty face.

Bruno Mars – “Treasure”

Cathia, Judith Hill, Karina Iglesias, Sasha Allen – “My Loving (You’re Never Gonna Get it)”

The Swon Brothers and Bob Seager – “Night Moves”

Danielle Bradbery and Hunter Hayes – “I Want Crazy”

Michelle Chamuel invited Josiah Hawley, Cathia and Vedo to – “We Can Work it Out”

Cher – “Woman’s World”

Starbucks was thanked. Special lattes for all!

Time to announce a winner. Danielle is in a princess poufy dress. Michelle is in a blazer deal. The boys are…whatever.

We’ve already had the final four talk about what they want to say to each other, and now it was time to once again hear them say the same “thank you, thank you!” to their coaches once more. Blah blah! Come on, there’s only so many ways these people can compliment each other within all these episodes!

First we see the artist in third place…
Are you nervous?
Well, I am. I guess.
The finalist in third place is… The Swon Brothers.
Maybe not.
I really want Michelle to win.
C’mon Chamuel!
Omg Carson Daly shut UP, you are not relevant and your hair is weird.
Michelle and Danielle both look like they might cry.
You know whoever doesn’t win will still go on far in the industry with help from their coach.
The winner is Danielle Bradbery. Team Blake.
Oh man. No Usher win. No Chamuel win.
But I still like Danielle. I just think…uh. We already have a Taylor Swift. We have blonde, cute Country singers. And I like them.
But we have no one like Michelle Chamuel right now.
It would have said a lot about AMERICA if she had won.
I wish we’d been brave enough to make that choice.

Danielle then sang “Born to Fly.” She gave up singing to just cry. Shakira ran in the hug her. She was overwhelmed. Awww. See, she’s a sweetie.

I love you all, and will be with you on more shows here at Small Screen Scoop!