You didn’t think I’d forget to guide you guys through this extra night of #TheVoice, didja? Take a deep breath… Here is a full recap of The Voice from Wednesday May 8th, 2013.

The Swon brothers hope Blake will keep swooning for their giddy musical routine. Photo: NBC

The Swon brothers hope Blake Shelton will keep swooning for their giddy musical routine.  I, myself, am not quite so easily charmed! Photo: NBC

The Votes Got Screwed Up!

Carson Daly informed us viewers about voting inconsistencies. This meant that, “for complete fairness, votes via text and online were not included in voting results.” Which annoyed me a lot, because if I were going to get into voting it would only have been online! However, Daly also said that “removing votes did not affect the outcome.” Which doesn’t make sense to me, since it seems like most voters are actually using the texting option… Shrug.

Let’s Just Get On With It, yea?

So, how does this work? The top two people in each team got a free pass to the next round. But then the coaches had to pick between the final two left, and only one of them can advance.

Team Blake Eliminated …

America voted to keep Holly Tucker and Danielle Bradbery. That left The Swon Brothers and Justin Rivers. Blake, who has a keen appreciation for how fun those bros are, opted to save them. His reason was about keeping things different on his team.

Team Shakira Eliminated …

Sasha Allen, naturally, was saved by America. And the second was…Kris Thomas. Not in my top choice, but okay, America. Shakira decided she could help Garrett Gardner more, and Karina Iglesias was sent home.

Team Usher Eliminated …

Michelle Chamuel and Vedo were safe. That left the one-name-diva Cathia and Josiah Hawley. “I honestly did not see that one coming,” Usher said. Hawley was saved, and Cathia is no more. (I mean, she still lives and stuff. But not on our stage!) I wonder who Usher thought WOULD be saved, since he seemed so surprised. I’m just glad we still have Michelle Chamuel!

Team Adam Eliminated …

Judith Hill and Amber Carrington were loved by America and saved. Adam was left with a really tough choice between Sarah Simmons and Caroline Glaser. The problem being that Sarah Simmons is the no-brainer choice who might win this thing, but Adam has had a major thang for Glaser this whole season. I don’t think he was ready to loose her.

Guest Appearances

Rod Stewart performed a song called “Finest Woman” from his new album Time. Then he had Josiah, Karina and Garrett join in for “Forever Young.” (Hello, dream come true.)

CeeLo Green returned with Season 2’s runner-up, Juliet Simms, to perform his new single, “Only You.”

The live performance shows continue Monday (NBC, 8 ET/PT).