Your favorite bromance is back! And, what’s that? Shakira vs Adam is actually a lot of fun to watch? You’re darn right.


Season 4 of The Voice started off with a voiceover of the coaches talking about how happy they are about the show. I was most struck by what Usher said, “This is a show I wanted to be associated with because it has credibility.” Hear that, American Idol? He’s talking to you.

Carson Daly introduced all of the judges to us, which seemed silly becuase on one hand he talks about what a big deal they are, and then he gives us their mini autobiography just in case we don’t know what a big deal they are. Luckily, the pace was fast and the auditions started pretty quickly. And that’s what we’re here for – the music! (Well, and I’m also around to see how cute Adam Levine looks in his white T-shirt every week.)

Before the auditions, the four coaches took to the stage to performz. In a way, they’re like the opening act for the other auditions. …Yes, that makes me laugh. Anyway, they performed, “Come Together.” (And “Revolution” was on the screen, which added more to the moment, weirdly.)

Shakira shook it with a tambourine, and it was generally a kick ass way to start off season 4, seriously.

I couldn’t help but notice that trending on Twitter was… The Voice Is Nothing Without Xtina. Seems like people miss her. I do, too. And Cee Lo. But…I figure they’ll be back eventually, maybe? I don’t take it as a personal slap against me that they had another committment. I do feel bad there wasn’t a twitter trending topic about Cee Lo, though!

Now, what’s exciting is that although Shakira first seemed like she might not be a fighter…she proved to be sassy and fun, especially when going against Adam. Usher? He’s all about having fun, and he’s a great addition to the coaches. And, are you kidding me? Of course Adam and Blake are still being amazing. In fact, their chairs practically demand to be situated the farthest away from the other because otherwise they’d be poking each other the entire time. But in one of those amazing bromance ways the likes of which we haven’t seen since Joey and Chandler on Friends. (Incidentally, also an NBC show. Maybe that’s NBC’s niche? Bromances?)

Don’t worry, we’re not gonna leave you hanging….If you want a more thorough look of who was presented, just head over to:

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Photo: NBC