It’s a new, live show of The Voice!


I’m so happy with the top 12, and I hate the idea that we’re going to be losing some!

Here’s who we have:

Holly Tucker
Garrett Gardner
Sarah Simmons
The Swon Brothers
Sasha Allen
Josiah Hawley
Danielle Bradbery
Judith Hill
Michelle Chamuel
Kris Thomas
Amber Carrington

Voting records were broken, and each of these 12 charted on iTunes last night. Exciting!


Robin Thicke, Pharell Williams, Vedo, Kris Thomas, T.I – “Blurred Lines”

Confessional Time

Sarah Simmons – Worked at a tanning salon.

Judith Hill – Sang for a children’s project about farts and poop.

Colton Swon – Germaphobe.

Zach Swon – Can make the Scream movie mask with his face.

Danielle Bradbery – Takes selfies.

Josiah Hawley – Played hockey in college because of The Mighty Ducks.

Garrett Gardner – Taught archery at a Rennasiance Faire.

Kris Thomas – Terrified of clowns.

Vedo – Sang to sell lotion (I kind of missed this one.)

America Saved

Kris Thomas, The Swon Brothers (The Bros even make Carson Daly smile and be giddy.)


Blake Shelton and Team Blake “Play Something Country” (Guys, I love this team but hated this song! Wah.)

America Saved

Sarah Simmons (Now with straight hair!), Josiah Hawley


Lady Antebellum with the women of Team Adam. “Goodbye Town”


Michelle Chamuel has my heart. I appreciate her so much. She’s amazing and inspiring.

America Saved

Judith Hill, Danielle Bradbery


Adam Levine and his team – “Love Song”

America Saved

Michelle Chamuel (yes!), Amber Carrington


Vedo, Sasha Allen, Holly Tucker, Garrett Gardner


Holly Tucker, Sasha Allen

Eliminated on The Voice Tonight

Vedo, Garrett Gardner