When it came to pop powerhouse Sylvia Yacoub and sassy Joselyn Rivera, Christina Aguilera couldn’t pick. Luckily, Adam was there to pick up a steal.

Team Christina paired together Sylvia Yacoub and Joselyn Rivera.

The Voice Rehearsals

“Best Thing I Never Had” (Beyonce)

Sylvia was worried about not showing enough vulnerability with her voice.

The Voice Season 3 Team Adam Battle Performance

Cee Lo thought Joselyn was a little thing with a strong voice. But he also loved Sylvia. (He went back and said he would have picked Sylvia.)

Adam said they were “gnarly good singers.” But he thought sometimes there was a little too much in terms of notes. He would pick Joselyn.

Blake said he couldn’t even “think that many notes.” Because of the smile, he would have picked Joselyn.

Christina thought sometimes Joselyn was a little bit like a deer in headlights. She thought Sylvia had come out there on fire. She wanted to keep both of them, and was upset they’d been paired together. The winner was Sylvia because of her fire!

The Steal – Adam Levine and Blake Shelton both pushed their buttons for Joselyn Rivera. She went with Adam.

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Photo Credit: NBC