Are you said that Paulina didn’t win her battle to Dez Duron on The Voice season 3?

For Team Christina and their first battle tonight, Christina Aguiolera paired together Dez Duron and Paulina.

Who are they, again?

Dez Duron auditioned last year, but this time he got Christina to put him on her team.

Paulina says her voice is sweet but also has sass. She began singing on stage at the age of twelve. She has big dreams to be a superstar.

The Voice Rehearsals

The song is  “Just the Way You Are” (Bruno Mars)

Coach Aguilera was worried Duron was over-pronouncing words.

Billie Jo Armstrong said that being nervous was good, and it was a friend.  They also told Paulina not to over-sing and make things so complicated by experimenting too much.

The Voice Season 3 Team Christina Battle Performance

Cee Lo Green said Paulina has a great quirk in her voice, but for the total package he’d give it to Dez.

Adam Levine felt like both performances on their own were inconsistent. He’d also go with Dez.

Blake thought Dez had come a long way in a year. But he thought Paulina would jump out on the radio. “I think Dez’s experience is the reason he won this.”

Christina had glowing compliments for both and in the end she picked Dez Duron for being more consistent.

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Photo Credit: NBC