MacKenzie Bourg’s Dad is a super fan of his son. Check out why.

Cee Lo Green paired Emily Earle MaKenzie  Bourg for battle.

Who are they again?

Emily Earle moved to New York and plays in the Subways. Then she went to Nashville. She’s ready to learn and grow.

MacKenzie Bourg was sick but fought back and followed his dream of singing.

The Voice Rehearsals”

Song: “Good Time” (Owl City)

Cee Lo was hoping their youthful duo would create great energy.

This song was out of Emily’s comfort zone – as she’s used to country classics.

Rob Thomas said MacKenzie needed to learn what to do with his hands rather than having an instrument in his hands. MaKenzie walked into rehearsal with the guitar anyway, but Cee Lo said to lose it.

The Voice Season 3 Team Cee Lo Battle Performance

Adam said he had to be a little critical, and Christina said Mr. Bourg was going to beat his ass. But Adam said he’d go with Emily.

Blake said Mackenzie had a good ear and strong voice, but shouldn’t do enough breaks. He thought Emily had an authentic country voice. He’d also go with Emily.

Christina praised MacKenzie for being mufti-talented and said she had a better time watching him than Emily.

Cee Lo thought MacKenzie had an All-American voice. He felt Emily had a lot of mixed emotions.  The winner was MacKenzie Bourg.

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Photo Credit: NBC