Two indie singers were paired together on The Voice season 3 to cover a song made famous by an American Idol winner.

alexis marceaux

Unique glasses and great style on Alexis Marceaux. Photo Credit: NBC

Cee Lo Green paired Daniel Rosa and Alexis Marceaux for a battle.

Who are they again?

Daniel Rosa is an emotional singer who caught the eye (or ears) of both Blake and Cee Lo.

Alexis Marceau preserved after Hurricane Katrina. “We are gonna be good together,” she told Cee Lo when he picked her.

The Voice Rehearsals


Song: “Whataya Want From Me?” (Adam Lambert)

“It will never happen if you don’t believe you can happen,” Rob Thomas told Daniel Rosa. He had anxiety about things. But so did Alexis.

Alexis said Daniel wasn’t aware of how good he was.

But Daniel wasn’t willing to risk sounding bad because the high notes were scary to him. “I don’t know how to coach anyone to play it safe… The real reward is in the risk you take,” said Cee Lo.

The Voice Season 3 Team Cee Lo Battle Performance

Blake picked Alexis.

Christina said Daniel should work on turning his audience out to the audience so they could engage. Christina loved that Alexis won because she took risks. She also was specific about how she was a winner in terms of “battle rounds” which means not vocally.

WINNER: Cee Lo said that Daniels’ voice affected him in such a good way. He connected more with Daniel.

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