Two young female country singers on team Blake went toe-to-toe for battle with a Miranda Lambert song.

Blake Shelton paired Liz Davis and Nicole Johnson for battle.

Who are they again?

Liz Davis always wanted Blake as a coach, since she’s “country as blood” according to Shelton. She’s been in Nashville since she’s been eighteen, and now she’s 25.

Nicole Johnson had Cee Lo and Blake both turn, but went with Blake. She’s not as experienced (she’s only 18) and felt like the underdog.

The Voice Rehearsals”

Song: Baggage Claim” (Miranda Lambert)

Michael Buble told the girls to destroy each other because they were fighting for their lives.

Every word Nicole sings is clear, but Liz was having trouble with pronunciation.

Nicole did have one pitchy part that concerned Blake.

The Voice Season 3 Team Blake Battle Performance

Christina thought both ladies had strong voices.

Cee Lo is still fond of Nicole Johnson.

Adam said their voices sounded slightly alike, and were really close. He thought Nicole was probably the winner.

Blake said Liz was more laid back than he expected, and he saw Nicole loose her breath a bit. He also said that Miranda will first be annoyed he gave them her song, but then proud because they did it so well. Then he said the other judges should have helped him decide. Based on experience, and for not losing her breathe, Blake went with Liz Davis for the win. Experiencing as the deciding factor for him.

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Photo Credit: NBC