Cassadee Pope wowed us, but Cee Lo’s bird Lady seemed most impressed with Amanda Brown. Who did you love on The Voice?

Sylvia Yacoub The Voice Season 3 – Growing up in Egypt, it was hard to be a female. She gave us some “Only Girl in the World” for her song. Christina Aguilera finally turned around, an then so did Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green. That was a surprise! Xtina praised her power and said they’d have a lot in common. Cee Lo wanted to get in the game.”Hold on, I’m talking, shut up!” Then he was silent for a beat and he said “I want you to be on my team.” Oh man! So, how did she pick in the moment of truth? She went with her heart. Team XTINA. (Christina told Sylvia she had her dream hair. Cute. And I do remember Christina trying for those curls during her “Fighter” days.)

IJ Quinn The Voice Season 3 – His family … they’re hot farmers. And he has a high, female-sounded voice. But he wants more than pig farming! He brought us to the 90’s with “Virtual Insanity” which was fun. His family was hoping Adam Levine would turn his chair. But no one turned. And they were surprised he was a guy. They thought he was straining his voice, fighting to get the notes. They judges all seemed uncomfortable about saying the truth. (Blake Shelton wondered why he was pointed at when IJ he said he worked on a pig farm. Christina giggled and almost snorted.)

Charlie Rey The Voice Season 3 – Oh, I like his voice a lot! C’mon,, c’mon! Yes! Blake Shelton turned! Then Adam did. And Blake was mad at him. Ha, sorry Shelton! Anyway, Blake said hCharlie e had a “cool, confident” manner. Cee Lo said he enjoyed it and was l iterally “swept away” in the music. Adam sold himself by saying “it’s obvious that I’m a better coach than Blake.” Oh maaaan. Love their banter. “Charlie, come home,” insisted Blake. He held his arms out and I swear to God, I also wanted to run into them. Team Blake for Charlie Rey! “Not only did I get a great singer, but I pissed off Adam,” noted a happy Blake. I’ll be rooting for Charlie Rey, what about you?

Amanda Brown The Voice Season 3 – Radiohead blew her away after only knowing church music. She had great energy and a happy soul. She’s traveled with artists like Adele, which is pretty cool to have on her resume. But now she wants to become her own solo artist. It’s time for a new phase! I was really rooting for her, and even load her outfit despite it involving some sort of leopard print crop top. But no one was turning around!!! Judges, DON’T TORTURE ME! CEE LO, MY HERO! He hit the button almost at the very end! Team Cee Lo! Cee Lo was talking with his bird Lady, and it was adorable. “That song, Valerie, we play it all the time!” Squawk! Man, I love her!

Yolanda Barber The Voice Season 3 – Experienced and proud of her age, she had a silky voice. I felt bad no one turned around. Adam said they had to process why they were all so dumb as to not turn around. Christina said it was about finding specific sounds in their teams, but said Yolanda was definitely a wonderful singer.

Cassadee Pope The Voice Season 3 – She was in the band Hey Monday, and they toured with Fallout Boy. But she’s ready to go solo. (Random: I found her to have the sweetest speaking voice, ever. ) Pete Wentz had a video message for her with words of enouragement, presented by Carson Daly. That was so sweet. And hey, she sang “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia and how does anyone not ADORE that song? I love her voice and Adam, Blake and Christina all turned at the same time. Woo! Go girl! …And Cee Lo Green turned, which meant all 4 judges were salivating for her. And when she finished singing she started crying, which showed how emotional this process is. You have to hope for the best, and know the worst can happen. Aguilera said Pope really held her own. Adam and Christina were arguing about who turned around first. And Levine said he’d be “honored” to have her on his team and that he “really” does believe he knows what to do with her. Blake said he believed with 200% of his heart that Cassadee is a superstar. But only she could choose! The critical moment… and she went with her gut, which told her to go on Team Blake! And that was a surprise to me, because I thought she would go with Adam or Christina. But Blake, yes! Nice choice!

The Argo trailer aired during The Voice, and it looks damn good. Plus, Ben Affleck! “If I’m doing a fake movie, it’s gonna be a fake hit!”

Go On then aired (grade: B+) and then The New Norman (grade: C) on NBC.

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