Our favorite judges on The Voice say some pretty outrageous things from time to time.

Everyone but Blake had turned around for Michelle Brooks-Thompson:
“What the hell is wrong with you?” – Adam Levine to Blake
“She just said you’d have to be an idiot! (Not to turn around.) – Blake Shelton

“That’s what The Voice does, right? They make everything possible.” – Diego Val

“I, too, could potentially snatch you up.” – Adam Levine to Diego Val

“He’s a handsome man.” – Adam Levine about Diego Val

“You bastard!” – Blake to Adam

“Shockingly, the biggest jackass between the four of us did turn around.” – Blake on Adam

“If nobody else is just gonna say it… this dude is good looking! I’m secure enough to say that to you. Man to man, you’re hot” – Blake Shelton

“I’m pretty sure that all three of them wanna date you, so that’s cool.” – Adam Levine

“He puts a spank on it.” – Christina Aguilera about Cee Lo’s approach to singing in “Forget You”

“Rocker chicks turn me on.” – Cee Lo Green

“I can tell you’re a little pissed off right now at all of us.” – Christina Aguilera

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