Christina Aguilera’s most employed phrase during The Voice auditions is “I got you.”  But did she get all of her favorite singers? The Voice season 2 continued by bringing fans plenty of talented singers for the judges to fight for.

Adriana Louise

Order of chair turns: Cee Lo, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera (several head nods), Blake Shelton

She wore a short white dress that revealed some cleavage, but somehow stayed classy. Ten points!

The Judge Rundown: Christina was enthusiastic right away.”You’re Christina Aguilera, and you’re talking to me,” Adriana exclaimed to the blonde judge. Meanwhile, Cee Lo said they looked like they’d just gotten married since they were both wearing white. Adam said any of them would be lucky to have her on their team, but he was begging. And Blake said he also wanted to throw his hat in the ring, and complimented her middle range. The first record that Adriana ever bought with her own money when she was nine years old was Christina’s, so she picked her. Team Christina it is!

My Two Cents: I felt her vocal range was good, but some of her stuff was wildly off key. She was gorgeous, btw. I mean, I can’t not state how gorgeous she is.

Casey Musseigmann

He loves music and wrestling, and he wore a cowboy hat. This is a country boy.

Order of chair turns: Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green

The Judge Rundown: Cee Lo said he’d given the song country swagger and soul. But Casey wanted to hear what “the man” had to say. And Blake loved his strong voice and the ass spanking. “I was loooving that,” he said. Ultimately, Casey decided to go on Team Blake to make great Country music. (I want to say that’s an oxymoron, but I’m kidding. I mean… I like Taylor Swift! Does she count, still?)

My Two Cents: Even though country isn’t my thing, I enjoyed his performance.


Being biracial has helped him grow as a person.

Order of chair turns: Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine hit at the same time! (Okay, I finally added “Aguilera” to my computer dictionary.) Cee Lo Green.

The Judge Rundown:  Adam said Blake was a dum dum for not turning around. Anyway, Adam said he had a “unique, rich, buttery consistency.” As Adam went on, Christina groaned because he was taking so long. But one of the things I love about The Voice is that the judges give amazing feedback.. .which they don’t do on American Idol. Christina said she gets him as a vocalist and her hunger is strong… “I kinda want a private concert to be honest… I’m just playing.” Cee Lo asked what Aquile wanted. “I want to be challenged,” he said. Cee Lo said he saw a lot of potential in him.

My Two Cents: Does Carson Daly tell the families to really ham it up? I understand families being proud and overjoyed, but several families have seemed to react as though their person on stage had just cured cancer and simultaneously being knighted, winning a million dollars, and winning the Olympics. I know the singers might have their lives changed forever blah blah, but – I don’t know. Tone it down a TAD? I mean, just a smidge.

Ryan Fogarty

He works for LeAnn Rimes, and she even gave a mini soundbyte about how he’s a great singer. No surprise here, he crooned some country for the judges.

Order of chair turns: … no one for a while. And yea, no one at all. Wow. Endorsed by Leeann Rimes, but still not picked.

The Judge Rundown:
Christina said there wasn’t enough consistency. Blake said he was really good, no question about that. Well, apparently just not good enough. Tough call.

My Two Cents: I agree with the judges. I’m not a fan of LeAnn Rimes in any capacity…. and find it a bit funny that The Voice judges could not rubber stamp her nomination.

Mackenzie Bourg

Well, now we know what Justin Bieber would look like if he started to get more emo. Getting sick made him appreciate life, and I respect that. But his red pants? Nope. I can’t. He’s so “packaged”… wait. I liked his singing. Dammit.! I was so prepared to keep my guard up and not love him, but I have totally fallen for this lil guy.

Order of chair turns: … Cee Lo Green, finally!

The Judge Rundown:
  Aguilera thought he was fun, but was waiting for it to go to a different place than it did. Blake said he liked the Harry Potter vibe. Then Aguilera said he looked like Justin Bieber a bit… and Mackenzie said, “let’s go back to Harry Potter.” Okay, he has good taste. TEAM CEE LO!

My Two Cents: He just needs to dress less polished, and be more authentic with how he presents himself. He’s got a great spirit, and I.. I need to shut up about how much I like him! (I mean, he’s probably 15, I’m not trying to be pervy. He’s just got a great voice!)

Julio Cesar Castillo

He fell in love with mariachi at age six. Who doesn’t love a good mariachi singer, amirite? They’re so joyful! And he performed a song entirely in Spanish. (But it was La Bamba, which feels pretty American.) This is someone who values family, which is sweet and important.

Order of chair turns: Blake Shelton right away! Arriba, arriba! Cee Lo Green

The Judge Rundown:
  Aguilera said it was a lot of fun. Blake said Julio has a strong and powerful voice. And he even said with Julio he could become the season 2 champion of The Voice. This made Adam crack up. Cee Lo said a lot of people cherished that song and it was great for the crowd. Green then told him to sing some mariachi music. “Different is what I do,” Green noted. So who did Julio Castillo pick? Team Blake! Man, I kinda felt bad for Cee Lo!

My Two Cents: He needs a bit of work at holding longer notes with a smooth tone… but I like him a lot.

Two More Cents, I’m a high roller: Christina Aguilera wore a white blazer of a black camisole and black hot pants… and had a black fan as an accessory. WHAT IS THAT ABOUT? Are we doing fans as accessories, now?

Following The Voice was Go On with Matthew Perry. I hope you checked it out, it’s a good show.

Photo: Mark Seliger/NBC

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