Young Savannah Berry  has been added to the list of, “serious contenders” on The Voice.

savannah berry

While everyone on The Voice has a better voice than me (and probably you – fess up) we know that only one person will win. To that end, we try to decide who has those OMG voices that make four chairs turn around, and we know will likely put them in The Voice finale. Savannah Berry seems to be one of them, along with Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill.

The Voice Recap – 4 2 2013

Patrick Dodd is a seasoned artist who sang “Walking in Memphis” which was an example of a perfect song choice. For those wondering, I think Dodd’s face looks exactly like Val Kilmer’s. He went to Team Adam.

R&B singer Orlando Dixon’s “So Sick” nearly had no chair turns. Luckily. Usher hit his button at the last second. (Was it a tactic, maybe?) Dixon says if he is successful, his first task is to buy his Mother a house. We could see his Mother and sister backstage, overjoyed. Hey, I’d like a house, too, Dixon!

Blake, Shakira and Adam all add to their teams with the singers Trevor Davis, C. Perkins and Agina Alvarez. Eh, okay. Let’s watch the mish-mashed clip… (What? I can’t be enthusiastic about people who don’t even seem worthy, by NBC, for their own audition spotlight!)

Counselor for autistic children, Brandon Roush, ended up on Team Shakira. He sang “With a Little Help from My Friends.” On Twitter, many people were not referring to this as a Beatles song, but as “The Wonder Years theme song!” (I kept thinking of the actor Brandon Routh. And then Sean White, whom Roush somewhat resembles.)

Audrey Karrasch’s performed “Price Tag” and talked about how modeling wasn’t worthwhile to her. She also snapped at Adam something like, “You didn’t turn around, so why do you care?” Whoa, girl, whoa. People on Twitter were divided between thinking her sass was fun, and thinking she was dumb to talk back to Levine like that. (She does seem very confident and sassy. It might come across as a bit aggressive. …I was just offended by her 80’s Madonna hair. No one needs to revisit that look!)

Savannah Berry sang Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” and Shakira, Usher, and Blake all turned for her. She ultimately went on Team Blake. She was wearing cowboy boots and said she loved Miranda Lambert, so that seemed meant-to-be.

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The Voice airs on NBC. Stay tuned to Small Screen Scoop for more 2013 coverage!