The Voice last night gave us plenty of great quotes, so let’s swim right into them.

the voice 2014

The Voice: 2014 is coming!

“I’m going to exploit everything in you, for my gain.” – Adam Levine to Blake Shelton

“You put your dimples away, you cute, charming, son of a bitch.” – Adam Levine to Blake Shelton

“Did you buy those boots from ALDO?” – Cee Lo Green
“Let me take a picture of those boots right there.” – Cee Lo Green Quotes

“You’re sixteen. You look up to Blake…” – Christina Aguilera Quotes
“We all do, he’s 6’9″.” – Adam Levine

“I thought your bow tie was like some sort of weird harmonica or something.” – Adam Levine
Do you really want a coach that can’t tell the different between a bowtie and an instrument?” – Blake Shelton

“I think you’re weird and wonderful.” – Adam Levine Quotes
“Why don’t you go and punch him in the face while you’re at it.” – Blake

“I’m desperate for this man.” – Blake Shelton Quotes

“What is your name, Angel of God?” – Christina

“You know what I just realized? That guy’s on Duck Dynasty.” – Blake Shelton

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