For your enjoyment, I took this tiny moment from The Voice 2013 last night, and am going to give it a slo-mo replay. Seriously, enjoy!

olivia henken

Olivia Henken. Photo: NBC

The Voice 2013 – Cee Lo uses the wrong word

This was happening to blonde, Country singer, Olivia Henken.

Cee Lo Green: I, on the other hand, will not allow you to be complacent with just being country. I will challenge you, I will put you in some different positions.

Blake Shelton: What?! (Head turn.)

Adam Levine: WHOA. (Head twist.)

Olivia Henken: (Hand to belly, laughs upwards)

Olivia Henken’s Grandma, backstage: Claps hands together, head tilts back and laughs with silly joy and a “omgoodness” trill. Then covers her mouth/nose with both hands, still laughing.)

Christina: (Uses her fan)

Cee Lo Green: Professional positions.

Blake Shelton: (Now doubling over, leaning, unable to stop laughing.)

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