When it comes to The Voice vs. American Idol, which show is your favorite? Do you have long-term loyalty, will you move on to something else, or do you have love for both? The Voice seems like a more wholesome, uplifting show. Let me explain why.

Reasons why The Voice is Different from American Idol

  • Judges can’t view the contestants as they judge them. I’m not sure if this has been as big of a deal as they show has tried to make it seem, but I like that they show that it works for people who are only judges on their physical presence whether for good (“oh, they’re just a pretty girl”) or bad (“they can sing but they don’t have the image.”)
  • There is no focus on being cruel. Judges fight for who they love, but never put anyone down.
  • Everyone who auditions has already been vetted to have some sort of vocal talent, there’s no one ridiculous on the show.

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  • There are four judges, not three. (However both shows have more male judges than female.)
  • The contestant is in the power position more often than not, they get to pick the judge they want to train them.
  • Age doesn’t matter. Several times on American Idol we have heard that someone is too young to understand the lyrics of a song (see: Diana Degarno.) Plus, there are age restrictions that were only recently lowered, likely due to the Justin Bieber craze.
  • I’m unsure about this a little but it seems like if a a possible contestant has had a shady past (drugs, alcohol, etc) they are usually removed from American Idol. On The Voice, they are still allowed (as long as they’re currently clean.) They had someone audition last night on TV who had been booted from AI for this reason.
  • The coaches tweet as the show airs. Maybe they won’t do it for future episodes, but it was fun for the premiere.
  • My own personal preference: I like these judges more and they seem collectively both more powerful and famous.
  • There are fun swivel chairs. I really just needed a number ten for this list. But the chairs are kind of funny.

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