Read this live recap of The Voice 2012 battle rounds from this Monday! This recaps hour two!

The Voice Battle Rounds

The Police “Message in a Bottle”
Team Christina Season 3
De’Borah vs Nelly’s Echo
Notes: Bille Jo felt that Nelly’s voice was perfect for this song. De’Borah was struggling a bit because she didn’t know the song. Billie Jo said even the mistakes she was making were amazing. Now, that’s a compliment. “Thank you for making me a proud coach today,” said Xtina. I was feeling so bad because De’Borah was trying so hard but still wasn’t quite getting it in rehearsals. But she actually got some confidence and ramped up and won the battle in the end. Christina even compared her voice to Lauren Hill’s. Adam got emotional about how everyone should be accepted, even if they’re different. (I had much more written, but then I lost all my text and could not find it autosaved anywhere.)
Battle Winner: De’Borah

Dixie Chicks “Sin Wagon”
Team Blake Season 3
2 Steel Girls vs Gracia Harrison
Notes: I loved all of these ladies because they have strong, soulful voices. I did want to reach in and help a lot of the styling there. The daughter of 2 Steel Girls had unusual crimping in her ponytail… and Gracia had this cotton candy colored poof of a dress that looked less Taylor Swift and more Target clearance. A few moves on the stage were kind of cheesy, but overall they did well. Christina said she really enjoyed it, and did say Gracia had better stage presence in terms of being playful. Cee Lo said he liked both but would go for the 2 Steel Girls. Adam said it was so much fun to watch. Blake said it was the toughest choice he’d have to make on the show for a long time. But he went with…the person who had more confidence. I’m happy for her! But I will miss the 2 Steel Girls.
Battle Winner: Gracia Harrison
P.S. Adam was hoping Blake was going to pick the 2 Steel Girls so he could steal Gracia!

Mariah Carey “Vision of Love”
Team Cee Lo Season 3
Amanda Brown vs Trevin Hunte
Notes: Amanda had the confidence, but Trevin didn’t. But he stepped it up for the battle. And all of the judges got to their feet for it. It was absolutely and thrillingly powerful. Adam said right away he was going to steal whoever Cee Lo who didn’t pick. “Honest to God, this is the show. You guys are why we are here.” Blake said, “I’ll be damned if I can’t think of one negative thing…” Christina said it was hands down the best performance they’ve had in the battle rounds so far. And she also really wanted to steal one of them. Cee Lo said he didn’t realize how accomplished Amanda was… and that surprised him. He even said it would be selfish for them to not continue with their talents. Cee Lo wished Trevin could be more sure of himself and wants to be part of his journey.
Battle Winner: Trevin Hunt
The Steal: Both Adam and Christina wanted Amanda Brown. Hell, I want Amanda Brown. Will she be my BFF? Oh, and Blake also pushed his button! “Why do you want Amanda on your team?” asked Carson. “Because I wanna win this thing,” answered Blake. Ha! Amanda said she likes to go with her gut and therefore wanted to pick (omg Christina was doing her full on shorty Snooki dance) Adam! “I’m a good thief,” he announced.

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